Open your Setting app by tapping on the geared icon located on your home screen.

After that, tap on your name located at the upper part of the screen.

Next, tap on the “iTunes & App Store

Having done that, tap on the blue “Apple ID” located on the upper side of your screen.

Next, tap on the “View Apple ID” option.

Enter your Touch ID or Passcode to verify your identity. Once you’re verified, you should get to your account menu.

In the account menu, scroll down and locate the “Subscriptions”. Tap on the option to see a list of all the subscriptions, both the active and the expired.

Locate the active subscription that you’d like to cancel and tap on it, and you will see the full information about the app or service.

Tap on the “Cancel subscription” option located at the bottom of the page. By doing that, a confirmation message will pop up on the screen. Tap on the “OK” button in the pop-up menu to confirm the changes.

NOTE: By successfully canceling your unwanted subscription, you will no longer be billed for the service. However, you can still access your running subscription until the end of the billing cycle that is usually a month or a year. But this will depend on your subscriptions.

How to Restart Cancelled Subscription

  • Start by opening your iPhone’s “Settings” app by tapping on the geared icon present on the home screen.
  • In the “Settings” menu, tap on the “iTunes & App Store” and then tap on your Apple ID located on the upper part of the screen.
  • After that, tap on the “View Apple ID.
  • If prompted, use your Touch ID, password, or Face ID to log in to your account.
  • Tap on the “Subscriptions” option and find the service you’d like to reactivate in your expired list of subscriptions.
  • Tap on the subscription that you would like to renew. This takes you to the subscription page.
  • Tap on the subscription you want to renew and tap on the “Ok” to confirm your subscription. Doing so will renew your expired subscription.

Why is there no Cancel subscription button iPhone?

Yeah there is only the renew payment subscription, but no option to cancel !!! You have to go to iTunes & App Store in your iPhone settings. Then click on your Apple ID, and go to subscriptions and you will see the app subscription there. You will be given the option to cancel it.

How do I unsubscribe from an auto renewing subscription on iPhone?

  1. Open Settings, and then tap iTunes & App Store.
  2. Tap your Apple ID at the top.
  3. Tap View Apple ID and sign in if prompted.
  4. Tap Subscriptions.
  5. Find and tap the subscription you would like to cancel.
  6. Choose Cancel Subscription (iOS 10) or turn off Automatic Renewal.

Where is cancel subscriptions in settings?

Manage your subscriptions on Google Play
  1. Open the Google Play app .
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Payments & subscriptions. Subscriptions.
  4. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  5. Tap Cancel subscription.
  6. Follow the instructions.

How do I cancel subscriptions on Amazon?

Cancel Your Subscribe with Amazon Subscription
  1. Go to Your Memberships and Subscriptions.
  2. Select Manage Subscription next to the subscription you’d like to cancel.
  3. Select the link under Advance Controls. The main subscription page opens. From here, you can end your subscription.

How do I find all my subscriptions?

To view and manage your Android subscriptions, open the Google Play Store app on your device, then tap the menu button (the three horizontal lines in the top left), then choose Subscriptions. You’ll see a list of all the subscriptions, such as Google Play Music, handled through Google.

How do I cancel all my subscriptions?

For Android, open the Google Play app then select Menu > Subscriptions. Select the subscription you want to cancel and then select Cancel subscription. If you have more than on Google account on your phone check all accounts in Google Play.

How do I cancel my forgotten subscriptions?

Cancel the subscriptions by emailing the service providers. If this proves elusive then go through your bank statements going back for 12 months. Look out for regular subscriptions that you forgot or are fraudulent. Cancel them via corresponding websites or by emailing the respective companies.

How do I delete expired subscriptions on iPhone?

Go to View Apple ID > Scroll Down and Find Subscriptions > Here’s active and Expired Subscriptions. Tap on to remove the active subscription list. And Go with Cancel.

How long do expired subscriptions stay on iPhone?

Expired subscriptions are removed after one year from date of expiration.

What is an active subscription on iPhone?

Note: If there is a Cancel Subscription button, that means your subscription is active; Otherwise, that means your subscription auto renewal has been already canceled. You can see the renewal date or expired date there.

How do I find active subscriptions on iPhone?

Check Subscription Status(IOS Users)
  1. Go to phone Settings.
  2. Click iTunes & App Store.
  3. Click Apple ID at top of screen.
  4. Click View Apple ID.
  5. Click Subscriptions.
  6. Click desired app.
  7. View subscription status.

How do I manage my Amazon subscriptions?

Go to Your Account. Select Your Apps under Digital content and devices. Select Your Subscriptions under Manage. Update your subscription as needed.

How do I contact Apple about subscriptions?

Apple Online Store

You can buy online or call (800) MY–APPLE (800–692–7753).

Why is Apple charging me .99 a month?

99 cents is normally an iCloud Storage charge. The 50GB option to be precise. You can manage it in Manage your iCloud storage – Apple Support and see if you are in fact paying for iCloud.

How do I stop Apple from charging my card?

After establishing the Credit Card account (i.e. after you have made purchases), you can remove the credit card information by editing your payment info, choosing “None”.

Why am I getting billed by Apple? appears on your billing statement when you buy an app, music, movie, or other content from Apple. It also appears when a subscription renews and when a family member buys apps or content from Apple.