Getting an Xbox Game Pass is a great way to enjoy unlimited games and exciting features provided by Microsoft.

However, it comes with an auto-renewal option wherein the subscription gets renewed every monthSo if you want to discontinue your pass or end the one-month free subscription you need to cancel the pass.

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  1. Backup Your Game Saves

Xbox provides the feature of Game Saves that allows the user to save all the game data like game modes, weapons, and vehicles used while playing different games. When you are canceling an account you can backup your Game Saves for future use.

  • You can backup your Game saves to Xbox’s cloud storage by opening the settings of your account. Under settings navigate to the option System tile > Storage > Cloud Saved Games. After enabling this option you can copy your Game Saves to your cloud storage.
  • Before canceling your Xbox Game pass if you backup the Game Saves you can recover your game data whenever you purchase a new subscription.
  1. Check if Your Pass is Eligible for Cancelation

In order to cancel an Xbox Game Pass, you need to confirm that your account is active and there are no dues attached to your subscription. You can confirm this by signing into your account.

  • If your Xbox subscription is suspended, you cannot cancel the account. Suspensions occur whenever the user violates the rules and policies followed by Microsoft.
  • If you haven’t paid your dues, then you should clear the payment before trying to cancel the pass.
  • If your pass is prepaid, then you cannot cancel it. You have to wait until the subscription expires automatically.
  1. Stop the Renewal of Your Xbox Game Pass

If you want to cancel your account once the current subscription period ends, then you need to deactivate the recurring billing option by visiting The method allows you to use the account till the last day of your subscription.

  • Log into your Microsoft account and open the “services and subscriptions” section. Find the Payment and Billing option for your Xbox Game Pass subscription. Select the option “Change.”
  • When you select “Change”, you will find the option “Turn off recurrent billing”. Select this option to discontinue the billing process. Now when your paid subscription expires, your account would automatically get canceled.
  1. Cancel Your Subscription

If you want an immediate cancellation, you need to cancel your subscription rather than turning off the auto-renewal option. The option of immediate cancellation is generally used when users want to create another account.

  • Sign into your Microsoft account and visit the subscriptions page. Find your subscription for Xbox Game Pass and select the option “cancel”. You should follow the instructions provided on the page to complete the cancellation.
  • Note that when you cancel your account, if there are any billing dues, your payment card may get charged with this pending balance.
  1. Confirm the Cancellation

Whenever you choose to cancel your Xbox Game pass or Xbox subscription, your cancellation request will be processed only after you confirm it as a registered member. This is a security measure followed by Microsoft to avoid unauthorized cancellations.

  • When you select the option to cancel your account, Microsoft would automatically send an email to your registered ID regarding the cancelation request. After that, you will be getting an onscreen instruction to confirm the cancellation by logging into your email account.
  • For acknowledging the email sent by Microsoft you need to sign in to your registered email account. From your inbox, you have to open the email received and select the link for confirming the cancellation. After confirmation, your account would be canceled.


  • Before canceling your Xbox pass, you may purchase your favorite games.  Once you cancel you will not be able to access any of the games you have been playing.

Besides cloud storage, you have the option to backup your game saves to your hard drive or a USB device.

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