If you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating you by having an affair with someone else, then you need to monitor the activities of your girlfriend. Monitoring the girlfriend physically and mentally would not be the case. Here are the steps that will let you know how to catch your cheating girlfriend on phone.

  1. Use Your Fingers to do the Trick

As you all know, the cell phone is becoming a common device in everyone’s life. To catch your cheating girlfriend on phone, you need to use your fingers. It is you that has to monitor the cell phone of your girlfriend. The reason is that today, cell phone gets hold of all the sensitive and personal data of a person.

  • Do not think too much about using fingers. You are going to use your fingers to text your girlfriend and see whether or not you get a reply within a few minutes.
  • If your girlfriend is online and not replying you right after, then you can suspect that she might be on a chat with someone.
  1. Perform a Phone Sleuthing

If you have an old styled landline phone, then you can able to easily perform phone sleuthing. But, phone sleuthing will help you catch her only if you and your girlfriend are living together.

  • You need to have a spare landline phone in your home.
  • If your landline phone rings and your girlfriend is attempting to take a call, you too take the call on the spare phone.
  • The point is that you need to pick up the receiver on your spare phone ahead your girlfriend do so. Only then, your girlfriend will never hear any other sound.
  • Of course, you need to hear their conversation quietly without clicking the buttons on your spare phone.
  1. Record the Calls

You can record the calls of your girlfriend by activating the auto call record facility on the mobile phone. Just install the automatic call recorder application on your girlfriend’s phone. You need to agree to the terms of service of the application to proceed to use the features of the application.

  • In the settings feature of the application, you can find “record calls” option. You need to just turn on the option.
  • Now, whenever your girlfriend makes a call or receives a call, the call recorder will automatically record the call and save the recorded audio in the folder which you have chosen.
  • When you meet your girlfriend, you can listen to or share the saved audio on her phone without letting her know.
  1. Call Interception

This is another feature, which will help you listen to calls and audio of your girlfriend. With no hesitations, you can use this feature.

  • With this call interception feature, you can be able to listen to the live audio calls. Besides listening to the calls, you can record them as well as simultaneously if it is needed to be.
  • By listening or recording the calls, you would come to know who she is talking with and what kind of topics she discusses on the phone.
  1. Install the AppSpy Software

To monitor your girlfriend’s activities on her cell phone, you need to install the AppSpy software on your phone. This software will send a notification to your phone with respect to all such activities done by your girlfriend. By using the software, you can do the following things.

  • First of all, you would come to know about the application installation details of your girlfriend. That is, if your girlfriend has installed an application on her mobile, you would come to know about it. You can know the name of the app, the date and time of the app installation and more. By the way, you would come to know what kind of application she is using on her phone.
  • Next is that you can track all her text messages with the help of the software. No matter, either she is offline or online, but all such text messages will be sent to your phone through the software. Even though she deletes any conversation, you can able to view it by receiving all such messages to your phone. So, you can see all the deleted conversations as well.
  • The software comes with the Keylogger feature. This will let you know and see the password, which your girlfriend is using on her mobile phone. The details of the password will be sent to your phone and will be stored in the control panel of the application.


You can install the software application on both the Android and iOS mobiles with no hesitations. In order to avail the services of the software, you need to just register your account with the software.