The Apple Watch is one of the best tools to help you stay on track towards your fitness goals.

Aside from having a lot of built-in workouts, it also motivates you to stick to your fitness regimen by allowing you to take control of how you want to spend your active day.

Have you set your apple watch for an exercise goal, but unable to meet your goals even after working hard on it and now want to change the exercise goal? Apple does not allow you to change your exercise goal, so you cannot change goal, but you can make some changes in the watch to complete goals.

  1. Open the Apple Watch and Go to Activity App

It is disappointing to see you have not met your daily workout goal every day. So, it is better to change the target, then being too harsh on yourself. So, keep your apple phone charged so that it does not turn off in between. Though the process is not that long, still keep its battery charge will give you undivided attention.

  • Open activity application present in your apple watch.
  • Press on your ring firmly and then you will get some options, tap on the option “Change move goal”.
  • Now, lower down your goal with the digital crown or the button.
  • Here tap on option update.

You can also set or adjust your Exercise goal in increments or decrements of five minutes. You can set it by at least 10 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes. Of course, you also have the option to set your Stand goal, which can be between 6 hours and 12 hours. Just make sure to set realistic Move, Exercise and Stand goals so that they are achievable and not above what you can afford with the time that you have.

  1. Change Setting for Another Workout

Here you have to act little smart and think logically how you can plan your goal so that you remain stuck to your first update. Apple watch defines workout as any activity that increases your heart rate.

The device checks your heart rate along with movement you are making to ascertain that you are actually exercising. The workout app present in your watch informs you about the workout you are doing.

  • Now, when you have decreased your move goal and have brought to the level that is what you do in a normal day start another workout in your watch.
  • The other workout will not need your heart rate to communicate that you have been doing any workout.
  • This is the simplest way to change exercise goals in your Apple watch.
  1. Save Changes You have Made

After making all the changes it is important that you freeze all the changes you have made in your watch. Only this will ascertain that you won’t get previous instructions from your watch.

  • While making an exit from setting, tap on “save changes”.


If things don’t work for you, do not try too hard, instead take help Apple customer care center or Apple Guide. You will have the correct guidance about the same.

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