Google Chrome browser is quite good at picking up what language you prefer but it doesn’t mean it is right all the time.

You can change the language.

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In Mobile

It is easy to change the language in Google chrome application in your mobile with some easy steps.

  • You need to open the Google chrome application on your mobile phone then go for the ‘Search Settings’ on the page.
  • You need to select the languages from the list dropdown.
  • Then add your ‘Preferred Language’. And when you open your chrome again, the page’s language will be changed to what you selected.

For Windows

Google chrome has a quite nice user interface in case of windows. You can quickly modify the language of the page you want.

  • Open the application on your PC.
  • You can go to the ‘chrome://setttings/?search=language’ in the address bar of the browser and go for it.
  • You can do this by clicking on the ‘3 Vertical Dots’ on the corner of the Google chrome application and click on ‘Settings’.
  • You need to type ‘Language’ in the search bar of the ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Add Language’.
  • Select your desired language and then re-launch the application.

On Mac

Mac is the part of the iOS platform and a quite different user interface.

  • Go to the ‘Advanced’ option and then click on ‘Languages’.
  • You can choose any language listed below but in case you couldn’t find your language, you can download it, and re-launch the app to see the changes.


You can use ‘Google Input Tools Chrome Extension’ in case your language is not supported.

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