If you have gotten divorced and want to change your last name, there are a number of steps that you will need to go through.

This is something that a lot of women decide to do when getting divorcedWhile it’s not a very complicated process, it is still important for you to know which steps to follow.

  1. Request Name Change at Trial

If your divorce has not yet been finalized, you can ask the judge that is in charge of your case to include a name change in the final decree. This is by far the easiest way to go back to your maiden name, but it only works if your divorce is not final yet. If the judge grants your request (which they most likely will), you can immediately go back to using your previous last name.

  1. Modifying the Decree

When you are trying to get your last name changed back after your divorce has been finalized, you can have the decree amended. Not all states allow for this, so you will need to check and see what the rules are for where you live. Amending a final divorce decree can be a bit tricky, but it is certainly possible.

  1. Start Using Your Maiden Name Again

Depending on where you live, you might not even have to file any paperwork to start using your maiden name again after a divorce. Provided you don’t go back and forth with your last names, you might not have to take any action at all. This is something that you’ll need to go look into though. Your state could have some rules regarding changing your name after divorce.

  1. Go Online

There is a chance that you could be able to change your name online after you have gotten divorced. Certain states have online forms that you can fill out to change your name. You can either complete the forms online or print them up. If you need to print the forms, simply fill them out and take them to your local courthouse. You have to turn this sort of paperwork into a courthouse in the county you filed for divorce in.

  1. File an Official Name Change Petition

Some states will require you to file an official legal name change petition with the court. This paperwork typically doesn’t take very long to fill out, and it is usually processed quickly. You need to find out which specific forms you need to get, as it varies from state to state. Make certain that you take the time to fill out the forms thoroughly.

  1. Drivers License Name Change

Another way that you can go about changing your name after divorce is to simply get it changed on your driver’s license. This will make the name change official. You can get a replacement license any time you want. When you go in to do this you will have to provide a copy of your divorce decree, so keep that in mind.

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