Netflix has been one of the most important successful dot-com ventures.

It uses the location of the users to provide them media contents according to their locations.

In this guide you will learn how to change country in Netflix. We will provide steps for both Netflix app and Netflix web. So, let’s start the guide.

How to change Netflix country in Mac and Windows PC

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  • In order to change the Netflix country, Firstly, you should have the Netflix account, if you have not Netflix account, set up the Netflix account.
  • For setting up the Netflix account Download this from internet and then and install this account, after downloading and installing, log into a VPN, after logging into a VPN from the list, connect to the server in your selected country.
  • After connecting to the server in the selected country, Open the Netflix website. keep in mind you should be automatically redirected to the site for the country your selected server is in. If you have not log in then Log in and select your content.

How to change Netflix country in Android, iPhone or iPad

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  • You need to download VPN from play store if you are on android, and from apple app store if you are on iPhone or iPad.
  • Then type the VPN master into the search box of your store and then tap VPN master in the search results. This app has the green icon with the key. It will open the app page for the VPN master, install the app on your device.

You can also download the app from the link given.

For Android:

For iPhone/iPad:

  • Return to the home screen while the app is downloading and installing.
  • After installing, open the VPN app. You may be asked to give verification by entering your password or your thumb impression to continue.

Then you should see the VPN screen with status.

  • Open the VPN proxy again and then tap to the faster server. You may see the name of the same country.
  • Then tap on country, from the list of Canada, Japan, Holland, etc.
  • Select the country of your choice from the list. This selected country will now act as your country in Netflix.
  • Now, open Netflix app. You will find this icon on your home screen. Now you are able to watch all videos content that is available in the country you have selected.

You can also download epic browser from the link below. This browser looks very similar to google chrome, but has advantage for Netflix users. It has already installed extension which allow to change location with one click. This extension is located on top right corner.

  • Click on the proxy extension.
  • Choose your proxy server, represented by country name.

But have limited choices with this option.

Give IMDb rating to Netflix

Rating help many users to search theor content on Netflix. Now, you can also take part in rating the content.

You can rate the Netflix contents by adding chrome extension, IMDb ratings for Netflix. This extension will pop up rating bar when you hover oven a title on Netflix website. You can rate it by clicking on stars.

Keep in mind this is only available in website, but not for other devices.

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