TikTok gives you several ways to personalize your profile on their app.

If you want to change your profile picture or make it a six-second video, then these are the steps you will want to follow.

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Steps to Follow When Changing Your TikTok Profile Image

 You can change your TikTok profile picture in a couple of minutes by following the steps below.

  1. Open TikTok

You will need to tap on the icon that looks like a three-dimensional half-note. It is usually in your app drawer or home screen.

  1. Tap the Profile Icon

Once TikTok is open on your mobile device, you will need to tap on the icon that looks like the silhouette profile of a person. Its location is at the bottom-right of your screen.

  1. Tap the Edit Profile Banner

At this step, you will need to tap on the large Edit Profile button that appears on the upper part of your screen. It sits just below the banner image you would upload and to the right of where your profile picture sits.

  1. Add a Profile Photo

Now you can change your profile image. Click on the photo that is already present, which is the link at the top left corner. This action will produce a dropdown menu. You can decide to Take a Photo or Select from Photos to update your look across TikTok.

If you want to choose from your existing photographs, then TikTok needs permission to access your camera and your photos. Then the app will ask you to crop the image. Then Save the picture using the command at the upper right-hand side of the screen.

  1. Change to a Profile Video

If a static image isn’t what you want to represent your TikTok profile, then you will see an option to tap Profile Video at the top-right of the app’s page. If you haven’t given permission for it to access your photos, then it will ask to do so at that time.

Then select a video from your mobile device. You will need to drag the sliders that appear to create a specific six-second window for the profile content. Once you are satisfied with the results, tap on the Done command to save the new video.

Now Is a Great Time to Make Additional Changes

Once you have your photo or video uploaded as your new profile picture on TikTok, it is time to make whatever other changes to your profile that you prefer.

You can click on your display name, TikTok ID, or bio to update the information there. The app also gives you the option to link Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to your profile.

Just tap on each item to fill in the data. Once you are done, then tap the red Save command at the upper right of the screen.

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