SoundCloud is one of the most exceptional music listening, sharing, and uploading centers having a massive database of songs online.

SoundCloud differs from other rival music companies like Apple Music, Spotify, and so on, as it offers a great choice of variety, search options, and download availability.

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Your profile or username determines what kind of artist you are. While signing up SoundCloud for the first time, you may not know the importance of setting proper SoundCloud name. Fake and bias names always turn your listeners away, and the name is your identity.  However, you decide to change your title, this article teaches you the possible guides for multi-platform reach on how to shift SoundCloud name in SoundCloud.

1.Rules for Changing SoundCloud Name

It is elementary to change SoundCloud’s name, but you need to consider changing them to authentic and genuine names possible. SoundCloud wants its users to use their stage name or proper name in their profile, and you may want to change the previous profile name as it does not best suit your identity.

When someone admires your song and adds them to their playlist, your name is displayed on the tracklists. Your SoundCloud name is linked with any activities performed in the app by users. You are not allowed to use any Unicode or signs in the profile name as it is against the SoundCloud policy. Impersonating other people’s identities is not viable, according to the SoundCloud.

2. Way to Change SoundCloud Name in Desktop

Changing SoundCloud profile name is readily available in the SoundCloud help section; however, we are describing the most comfortable way possible. Changing SoundCloud’s name in Windows and Mac are relatively similar. All you need to be prepared with is an internet browser and, of course, the SoundCloud profile. Changing the name in SoundCloud is reasonably simple and easy to perform; anyone with no prior technical knowledge can smoothly perform the required action.

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  • Launch your favorite internet browser like; Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, then open the SoundCloud website on it.
  • Log in to your SoundCloud account, which you are about to change the profile name.
  • Once you are in the SoundCloud dashboard, you will see a menu bar lying at the top of the page, click on it to generate further action.
  • On the provided drop-down action, choose “Profile” among the given options.
  • At the bottom corner of the profile picture, you will see an “Edit” icon, tap on it.
  • A profile editing box will be generated where you are allowed to change profile name, first name, last name, and profile URL.
  • Perform the necessary action; after proper setup, click on “Save” to complete the changes.

Now all your tracks and songs will display the changed profile name; however, it may take a while to sync with all parties.

3. Method to Change SoundCloud Name in Mobile Phones

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You may want to shift SoundCloud’s name without having to open a Computer, which takes time to boot up. Smartphones are a straightforward device considered to perform actions around. Considering the fact, we are trying to guide you through the necessary steps on how to change SoundCloud’s name in both Android and iOS devices.

4. The process to Change SoundCloud Name in iPhone and iPad

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You cannot change SoundCloud’s name straight from the SoundCloud app, and you would require browser login to act. Changing SoundCloud’s name in the iOS device and Android device is comparatively similar; the only thing that differs is toggling through the desktop view option. Following guideline will vividly make you understand on how to perform name shift in the iOS device; iPhone and iPad.

  • Open your favorite browser; Safari, Chrome, etc. and browse to SoundCloud official website.
  • On the SoundCloud website, log in to your account in case you have not already. You have an option to login as Facebook or Google accounts.
  • Now on the iOS device, go all the way down to the bottom and click right, which shows other apps and menus action bars.
  • Now search for “Request Desktop Site” which will redirect the site to desktop mode in your mobile browser.
  • On your profile page after you are signed in, go all the way right while scrolling. You will find an “Edit” icon, tap on it.

Tips: For proper visibility and simplicity, consider changing the portrait view to landscape mode.

  • Now you can change all your profile information, including profile URL right from your iPhone or iPad. Consider going through the policies and guidelines to change SoundCloud’s name for proper setup.
  • Finally, save the changes to make all the necessary changes. Now you can disable “Request Desktop Site” for a user-friendly mobile view.

5. The process to change SoundCloud name in Android phones

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The following instructions depict a brief idea to change SoundCloud’s name in the Android device.

  • Open your favorite Android web browser; Chrome, Opera, or Firefox and browse to SoundCloud’s official website.
  • Now login to the SoundCloud account with Facebook or Google Account.
  • Now here is the tricky part, you are not able to change profile name from mobile view, thus improve the mobile look to desktop view. You can do so in an Android phone while going through the setting and toggling through the “Request Desktop Site” option. The option to perform so is available on the right side of the three action dots.
  • Scroll through the right corner where you will see the “Edit” icon, click on it.
  • Change the profile name and necessary information, then tap on “Save.”

The Analogy of Changing SoundCloud Name

SoundCloud’s name depicts your identity. The above solutions are the best suitable and proper for all platforms; Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices to change SoundCloud’s name. After changing the name, your identity is not modified instantly, and it needs to be synchronized with your entire tracklists. After it’s appropriately changed, it will be searchable in the SoundCloud but may take time to break in Google searches.

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