Sometimes, you just use something that was assigned to you.

Later you are not that sure about it and wish to changeFortunately, for Xbox Email, you have the support for Microsoft Aliases that will help you do just thatThe best thing is that you don’t have to create an entirely new account for this.

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  1. Going to Xbox Support Center

It is great to start with Microsoft’s support center and see if they have anything to comment on this. Sure, they have. In this official article, they give instructions.

  • First, decide on if you actually want to make that change.
  • Choose the method that suits you best, usually via your Microsoft account.
  • You can simultaneously charge your phone number too.
  • The only email addressed can be used as primary alias, and you can even remove the ones you no longer need.
  1. Why do You Wish to Change?

Here are some appropriate reasons to make that change, while other reasons may have other workarounds.

  • Your email service provider has changed.
  • You have made a change to your name, hence a new email.
  • Want to use a simpler and easier to remember the address.
  • You were using an official address that you no longer have.
  • You prefer to use a phone number to sign in rather than an email address.
  1. Adding a New Email or Phone Number

Both of these can be done together, but for now, ignore the phone number.

  • You must sign in first to your Microsoft account.
  • Click on “Your info” at the top of the page.
  • Now, click on “Manage how you want to sign in” to change the sign in process.
  • Now, select on “Add email”.
  • There are certainly different options here.
  1. Making your new email Primary Alias

When you have chosen to add an email address you will need to verify your primary alias before adding another one. There is also an option to “Rename” an unverified address, but let us skip this for now.

  • Select on “Add email”.
  • You can create even a new email address at this point, for which you have to click on “Create a new email address and add it as an alias”.
  • If you already have one and just wish to add, click on “Add an existing email address ass it as alias”.
  • Now, click on “Add alias”, and you have to verify this through a verification email sent to you.
  1. Verify the Email Message

You will be sent a verification email just like anything else when you create an account etc.

  • This is needed for security that you have made the request.
  • Click on the verification link sent in your email.
  • Then, your new email address is added and activated.


  • When making an edit, you may be prompted to re-enter your password or enter a code that is sent to your phone number.

The email address you are adding must not be used already as an alias in a Microsoft Account.

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