Citations are standardized means to give credit to works that are not yours. For example, it can be a piece of art, poetry, an article, or a photograph. In many cases, it may be illegal to use them even with captions and citations. For details regarding them, you should always consult the specific source that you wish to use.

MLA Citation

In terms of article writing, or writing papers, academic or otherwise, a standard form of citation that is very popular is called ‘MLA’. It is a form that finds use in high school essays and even in the college curriculum. People tend to use them even when making presentations when they use someone else’s slides and information.

  • The basics of MLA citation are available at this site from Purdue University. MLA stands for Modern Language Association, which is a group that mandates a format or style of citations for a worldwide audience.
  • It gives basic in-text citation rules for the works of others in the text. It is available through the MLA Handbook.
  • For example, in-text citations for authors of academic papers can be as follows, without the double quotes: Wordsworth stated that Romantic poetry was marked by a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings (263).
  • MLA finds use in the citation of artwork like paintings as well. It follows this format: ‘Artist’s Last Name, Artist’s First Name. Title of Artwork or Description’. Year of creation, Museum, City.

How do You In-Text Cite a Painting?

Purdue Writing Lab gives examples of using the format and style of MLA for citations of various types of work, in in-text mode. It means that this format relies on using text for citing someone’s work.

  • In brief, you start by mentioning the name of the artist and the artwork, in text. MLA style does not mandate the use of parentheses, which some other styles do use, for paintings.
  • You must provide the artist’s name, the title of the artwork (the painting) in italics, and the date of composition. For paintings, it is generally the date of completion. It is the sole right of the painter.
  • Finally, you must provide the name of the museum, the institution of the house where the artwork belongs to (e.g. The Art Institute of Chicago). Only if the location is personal and not listed.
  • For Example, FIU shows citing a painting in MLA style.

How do You Give Credit to a Painting?

To give credit to painting, you have to give credit to the author, the artist, and the people who were involved in making the artwork complete. In most cases, it is only a single person so it is easy and straightforward. But, in some cases, it can be the work of many people that took several years to complete. In general, you should find the below information in the citation of paintings.

  • Artist.
  • Year, if possible.
  • Name or Title of the Artwork.
  • Medium, of painting like oil or acrylic over canvas or paper, etc.
  • The institution, where it is present now.

How do You Caption a Painting?

Captioning any painting requires you to follow the style and format the institution or the source mandates. There is no single style that everyone follows strictly. Some use MLA; some use their own proprietary standards. There is APA style and there is also Chicago style that college students prefer when writing essays.


  • For captioning paintings, you should follow the source guidelines to the exact details. For example, FIU guidelines as given above.
  • Personal paintings can follow a simple structure that has all the important details like the above example.

How do you in text cite a painting?

Provide the artist’s name, the title of the artwork in italics, and the date of composition. Finally, provide the name of the institution that houses the artwork followed by the location of the institution (if the location is not listed in the name of the institution, e.g. The Art Institute of Chicago).

How do you cite artwork in APA?

*For works of art seen in a collection, state the artist’s full name, italicize the title and list the date of creation. If there is no known date for the composition, write ‘N.d.’. Then include the medium of the work and the name of museum or collection and the location.

How do you write the title of a painting?

Titles of paintings and sculptures should be italicized, but photographs in quotation marks.

How do you cite a painting in APA 7th edition?

List the artist as the author of the work. Always include a description of the medium or format in square brackets after the title. The description is flexible (e.g., a general description such as “[Painting]” or a more specific description such as “[Oil painting]” or “[Oil on canvas]”).

How do you reference a painting in MHRA?

In-text citation

Author Forename Author Surname, Title (City: Gallery, Year Published).

Are painting titles italicized?

Titles of paintings, drawings, statues, etc. are italicized, and so are titles of exhibitions. Titles of collections are neither italicized nor put in quotes.

How do you label the title of a TV show?

In arts and literature, the title of a major work (novel, film, TV series, opera, or painting) is boldfaced or italicized. A lesser work (short story, TV episode, or a single song or instrumental piece) is put in quotation marks.

Where do you put the title of a painting?

If it’s a print many artists will sign along the bottom border with edition number on the left or right, title in the middle and signature opposite left or right of the edition number.

How are titles written?

Titles of full works like books or newspapers should be italicized. Titles of short works like poems, articles, short stories, or chapters should be put in quotation marks. Titles of books that form a larger body of work may be put in quotation marks if the name of the book series is italicized.

What to do if you can’t italicize a title?

Instead, use italics for titles, for emphasis, and for words, letters, and numbers referred to as such. When you write with programs such as email that don’t allow italics, type an underscore mark _like this_ before and after text you would otherwise italicize or underline.

How do you punctuate a song title?

To punctuate, the song titles are generally written with a double quote (“Title Here”) around them. Any punctuation that is part of the title, such as commas, exclamation points or question marks, should also go inside the quotation marks.

How do you punctuate an essay title?

Use quotation marks around the titles of short poems, song titles, short stories, magazine or newspaper articles, essays, speeches, chapter titles, short films, and episodes of television or radio shows. Do not use quotation marks in indirect or block quotations.

What punctuation is used to show the exact words a person said?

Definition: Quotation marks (“) are used to show that an author is using someone else’s exact words—they may be the words of a person, a character, or a written source. Use quotation marks only when quoting someone’s exact words, either spoken or written. This is called a direct quotation.

How do you punctuate game titles?

You would italicize the title of the video game, as it’s the name of a standalone, self-contained work — a work that is complete in and of itself, like a book or movie or painting. You also want to make sure you note the version of the game and which platform it was played on.

Do you put quotes around book titles?

Titles of books, plays, films, periodicals, databases, and websites are italicized. Place titles in quotation marks if the source is part of a larger work. Articles, essays, chapters, poems, webpages, songs, and speeches are placed in quotation marks.

How do you cite video game titles?

Here is the basic format for a reference list entry of a video game in APA style 6th edition: Rightsholder of video game. (Year of publication). Title of the video game (Version) [Video game].