Smartphones are essential devices in our day to day modern life. But after using them extensively in your purse or pocket, they begin to collect dust. This can cause the charger port to stop functioning as expected. Luckily, you can clean the charger port in a few ways before you think of buying a new cable or replacing the port. Here is how to clean the Iphone’s charging port:

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Cleaning iphone Charging Port Using Alcohol

You need the following to clean your charging port

  • Cotton
  • Toothpick
  • Flashlight
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Before you start cleaning the port, check on it first using a flashlight to understand the type of dust affecting the device.
  • Switch off the iPhone then hold the device with the charging port facing your direction.
  • Don’t channel direct light on the port as it will prevent you from viewing the interior parts. Therefore, switch on the flashlight then inspect the charging port.
  • After you’ve identified the concerned areas of the charging port, prepare your tools then take out dust and dirt.
  • Pinch or cut a small piece of cotton and place it on one side of the toothpick. Ensure it can fit on the charging port of your iPhone. Immediately the cotton is ready, spray it or sprinkle it with rubbing alcohol.
  • Alternatively, you can use cotton buds, but sometimes it may fail to work since it doesn’t fit on the charging port. But if it helps, squeeze it to decrease its size.
  • Now clean your device’s charging port using the end of the toothpick with alcohol and cotton to the inner parts of the ports. Gently and slowly, scrape the tool on the sides and walls of port.

You will be taking out dirt. Ensure you don’t leave traces behind, but for this to happen, ensure you change the cotton wool and use a cleaner and a newer one.

  • Repeat the process until no dirt is getting out. When you finish cleaning the interior parts of the port, cut a piece of cotton then pour some rubbing alcohol on it.
  • Slowly and gently clean the exterior parts of the phone’s charging port to enhance cleanliness.
  • Finally, find a piece of dry cotton wool then wipe the charging area.

Even though cleaning the iPhone is an easy task, ensure you don’t destroy the pins. If you damage the port, you’ll be forced to replace it, which can be a hard task, or else you won’t be able to use the device. If you find it hard to clean the charging port, approach a professional to help you carry out the task.

Cleaning the iPhone charging port with compressed air

Be sure to buy a compressed air can with a straw to help you target directly to the port.

  • Start by unplugging then switch off your iPhone.
  • Having done that, screw the thin, small straw in the compressed air can’s nozzle. After that, face it downwards to test if it’s working correctly. Air must blow out from the nozzle’s tip
  • If you realize that air is getting out from the nozzle’s sides, ensure you tighten the straw properly.
  • Then blow air directly on the iPhone’s charger port in 2-second bursts. Place the straw either on the right or left side of the device’s charging port.
  • Press the port then hold the straw firmly. Push down the nozzle while pressing for 2 seconds as you blow in the air directly inside the port. Ensure you hold the straw tightly.

Again, repeat the above process then try if your iPhone is working.

Note: excess air pressure can damage the delicate internal parts of your iPhone, and can also damage the port. So don’t hold down the nozzle for a long time. 2 seconds is enough.

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