Cleaning a burnt pan can be a real ordeal if you try to remove the stains merely by scrubbing.

Depending on the type of material your pan is made of you may have to adopt different techniques to loosen and dislodge the tough stains.

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  1. Soak in Warm Water

The moment you realize that you have burnt the food along with the surface of your pan, you should remove the pan from the burner. After scratching off all the food particles allow the pan to cool down for a few minutes.

  • After 3 to 4 minutes, fill the pan with warm or hot water.  Hot water can easily soak the crusty layers of a deeply scorched pan.
  • You can also use cold water but it is recommended only after the pan has cooled down. However, if you wait till the pan turns cold, then the stain may get harder. Hence, for better results, you need to use warm water.
  1. Prepare a Soap Solution

Immediately after soaking in water, you need to add a powerful dishwasher detergent or dishwasher liquid.

  • Add a spoonful of dishwasher solution or detergent to the water. Use a high-quality solution that can easily remove stains.
  • If you have filled the pan with hot water, wait until the water turns lukewarm before adding the soap powder or cleaning solution.
  • Also, do not combine 2 different types of cleaning agents. There is a possibility that certain chemicals used in these agents may react badly when mixed with each other.
  1. Use a Dryer Sheet

After adding the detergent or dishwasher liquid gently mix the water until it turns all foamy.

  • Once the soap solution is done, leave the pan on your kitchen platform. Next, you need to get a dryer sheet for placing it inside the pan.
  • Make sure that you use a branded dryer sheet that generally works well for your clothes. Place the dryer sheet over the soap solution and slowly immerse it with your fingers.
  1. Let the Pan Sit Overnight

If you are having a badly burnt surface, you may have to leave the pan overnight so as to allow the soap solution and dryer sheet to loosen up the burnt crust.

  • If the pan is moderately burnt or if you are in a hurry, then you can proceed with washing after waiting for 1 or 2 hours.
  • Remember, if your pan has a delicate surface and if you want to avoid scrubbing too hard then you must wait for at least 4 to 6 hours before you try to clean.
  1. Clean the Pan

This is the final stage of your cleaning process. After leaving the pan in soapy water along with a dryer sheet for several hours, you can count on easily getting the stains cleaned.

  • Pour the soapy water away and remove the dryer sheet. Wash the pan in tap water and you will be amazed to see that most of the grime has vanished.
  • For cleaning the rest of the stains, you can use a non-scratch sponge or a soft scrub pad. You can easily clean up the entire surface by gently scrubbing for a few seconds.


  • After removing all the stains, you must wash the pan using a cleansing soap or a dishwasher liquid. Since most of the dryer sheets contain certain harmful chemicals, you need to make sure that the pan is thoroughly cleaned before it is used for cooking.
  • Grease the pan with edible oil before using it again for cooking. This would make the surface smoother and less prone to further burns.

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