The silk plants appear like natural plants but proper care must be taken. They do not need watering but yet proper attention is needed. They have to be dusted regularly else the dust and dirt will build upon it and then it becomes difficult to remove it, so a few cleaning methods have been mentioned below.

  1. Do the Regular Dusting

It is important that one does a regular dusting of these plants. It can be dusted using a feather duster. But a regular dusting is must to keep it shiny and natural looking.

  • Dust the plant from the top and work your way to the bottom. One may even brush the base well and keep it off from dust.
  • Try to avoid using a damp cloth as it may deform the shape of the plant.
  • You may use a vacuum cleaner by putting the nozzle of a small brush at the tips of the vacuum cleaning machine. Or simply use a can of forced air.
  1. Do the Deep Dusting

Silk plants need to be taken care of properly. Deep dusting has to be done regularly to ensure the health of the silk plants.

  • Each leaf should be dusted off well. One may use a paintbrush or a larger brush according to the size of the leaf.
  • Also, other non-leafy parts have to be dusted well to maintain its cleanliness.
  1. Use a Homemade Liquid Cleaner

Sometimes even brushing off dust does not help. In such a case, liquid cleaners can be used. But as they are silk plants, it is important to maintain their delicateness.

  • A homemade liquid cleaner can be prepared by mixing equal parts of vinegar and water. Pour this into a bottle with spray and further it can be used for cleaning the plants.
  • Do not use it on flowers as the dye may get wet and disrupt its beauty. Also before directly used on the plant, check it on some other area to make sure that the moisture does not cause damage to the silk.
  • After cleaning with the liquid cleaner, wipe the leaves dry and clean with a dry cloth.
  • One may use fragrant and dye free alcohol for cleaning.
  1. Use of Silk Flower Solution

For cleaning the silk flowers, a different solution is required. Due to their delicateness and dye n them, these flowers need to be taken care of.

  • Take half a cup of table salt or cornmeal into a plastic or a paper bag.
  • Close this bag and shake well. Cornmeal works as an abrasive and helps to remove the dirt and grime from the flowers.
  • One can then use a feather duster to remove the excess of cornmeal if left on the flowers.  Even a hairdryer can be used.
  • Ensure that the parts of the alcohol are mixed with water in the same amounts and spray it on the plant. This solution also helps to dry the plants faster.
  • Let the sink be filled with cold water and few drops of the liquid for dishwashing. Rinse the flower and petal properly and then place them on a rack to dry. Avoid rubbing vigorously as it may damage the plant.


  • Thus, these common methods can be used while cleaning silk plants. These are helpful as they do not damage the beauty of the plants.
  • If the plant is too expensive, one may seek some expert advice before using any of the methods for cleaning.

It is recommended that while cleaning for the silk plants, you do it regularly so that the quality of the material stays the same throughout the usage.