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How to Clear Cache on Mac Google

  • Locate and click Google chrome from the dock.
  • Once you open the chrome browser, click on the three dots ⋮ on the right top corner of the chrome browser next to the URI bar.
  • Scroll down the menu items and click more tools and you will get more options to choose. Click on clearing browsing data.
  • You can also access Clearing Browsing Data Option by clicking the three dots in the right top corner of the chrome browser next to the URI bar. After which, you scroll down and settings option on the menu items. Settings options is third from the bottom of menu items.
  • A new window will pop up. Scroll down and click clearing browsing data option under privacy and security header.
  • Despite the method you use, after clicking on the clearing browsing data a new pop window will appear. What happens depends merely depends on your decision.
  • You can tap on the basic or advanced.
  • On the drop down menu, choose the time range where you want to clear browsing data. To delete everything select All Time.
  • When you tap on the basic option, you can tick to clear browsing history, cookies and other site data, and cached images. While under advanced tab, you find items listed on the Basic tab, plus others (passwords and other sign in data, download history, auto fill form data, site settings, and hosted app data). Tick the items you want to get rid of your browser. After which you click, clear data option located on the bottom right hand side of the pop up window.

Tips: if you are good at using keyboard shortcuts then it is easy for you to get to the clearing browsing data tab without much hustle. Just open the Google chrome then press the keys [shift] + [cmd] + [del]. This will take you directly to clearing browsing data option thus saving your time.

How to Clear Cache on Mac Safari

  • Locate and launch Safari browser from the dock.
  • Click on Safari tab (first item on the main menu) and from drop down menu select preferences.
  • A new pop up appears. Click on the Advanced tab,
  • Select Show Develop menu in menu checkbox and then close the Preference Now you should be able to see a new item on the main menu called Develop.
  • Click the Develop and on the drop down menu select Empty Cache.
  • Reload the site.

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