A major part of the Netflix experience is the fact that it recommends shows based on the shows you have already watched. These recommendations allow people to discover the shows they may like. However, someone might use your account to view shows that you don’t like and this can mess up your recommendations.

How to Clear Netflix History on Phone?

The only way to get your recommendations back on track is to delete your Netflix history (https://help.netflix.com/en/node/22205). This allows you to start afresh and your recommendations will start showing up again as you watch new shows.

  • To delete the Netflix history from your phone, you first need to ‘Log-In’ into the Netflix app and then look for the more option.
  • The more option is denoted by three bars on the bottom right corner of your phones screen so click on that and then select the profile whose history you wish to delete.
  • Then tap on the ‘Account’ option and click on ‘Viewing Activity’ and then scroll down to find the ‘Hide All’ option and click on it.
  • A dialogue box will show up asking if you wish to hide your history, so confirm that you wish to do so.
  • You can even choose to hide specific shows or episodes from your list by clicking on the icon denoted by a circle with a line through it which is present next to the name.

How to Clear Netflix History on TV?

Viewing Netflix on TV is a huge advantage, but a TV isn’t personal so it’s likely that other people will use your TV and your Netflix profile as well. This can completely mess-up your recommendations.

  • To delete your history on TV, you first need to open Netflix on any browser of your choice and ‘Log-In’ into your account.
  • Go your profile icon which will be on the upper right corner of the screen and hover for a bit over your profile picture.
  • Then you need to click on profile and then click on viewing activity which will come under your profile.
  • All the titles that you have seen will appear in this section and to remove any title you just need to click on the ‘X’ icon next to the title.
  • You can even delete an entire series from your Netflix history by tapping on the ‘Remove Series’ option.

How to Clear Netflix History on App?

The Netflix app can be installed in a host of devices and is being actively used by people to access Netflix on a daily basis. The procedure to clear history from the Netflix app is similar to that on the phone.

  • To delete history from the app, you need to find the more option denoted by the three bars under the profile whose history you wish to delete.
  • To get a list of shows you have already watched, click on ‘Viewing History’.
  • From the viewing history menu, you can delete or hide any shows or series which you wish to.
  • This feature has come to Netflix recently based on popular demand by people in order to fix their recommendations.


  • In case there is a particular series you wish to remove completely then don’t manually delete each episode but instead use the ‘Remove Series’ option.

If you have other people regularly using your Netflix account then consider creating another profile for them instead of deleting the shows they watched again and again.