Adobe Photoshop is a comprehensive software program that offers a wide range of options to the user.

In simple words, using Adobe Photoshop, you can get the most out of your photos.

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The advantage of layers in this program is that you can work on one part of the photo without making changes in the other part. This is where layers come into play. Using layers, you can edit or make changes to the selected part of the image. Anyway, some people ask how to combine layers in Photoshop. Let’s find out!

What are the layers in Photoshop?

Layers allow you to work on different parts of the image. They allow you to create a faster workflow. There is no need for going back and forth to fix the altered layers. Another advantage of Photoshop layers in the merge option.

This means you can merge multiple layers after making changes in them. Also, this avoids a large-size file that takes longer to download. So, layers in Photoshop save your rime in the workflow.

There are situations in which you need to merge or combine layers. For instance, there are a few reasons people combine layers in Photoshop. The first one is the need to perform work on the layers combined. Second, you need to flatten all the layers into one. So, basically, these are the two primary reasons behind the merging of layers in Photoshop.

Remember that similar to other types of adjustments that you make in the program, make sure you create a copy of the original photo. This allows you to have the original image in case something goes wrong and you are unable to reverse the changes. So, we recommend creating a copy of the original image.

There are multiple combines or merge option in Adobe Photoshop. No matter which version you use, you have the options of ‘layer from the background,’ delete the layer, duplicate layer, merge layer, convert to a smart object, merge visible, postcard, flatten the image, and new 3D layer from the file. Continue reading!

How to combine layers in Photoshop – step-by-step

To access the merging options of Adobe Photoshop, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1:

Open Photoshop and import a photo. Then, right-click on the layer that you can find on the right side of the Photoshop workspace. Now, click on the “Adjustment” tab and once you do, right-click again to choose layers from the small window. This way, you can merge them.

Step 2:

You can choose from different options such as flatten the image, merge visible, and merge down. We suggest you choose the merge down option to combine your selected layers. After making this selection, you can combine the layers.

You will see layers below directly, which automatically rename to the selected layer. Make sure both layers are visible and unlocked. You can also use the Keyboard shortcut keys – i.e. Control + E for PC and Command + E for Mac.

Step 3:

Take some layers or as per your requirement and select “Merge Layers.” This action will combine each selected layer into one layer.

You can use shortcut keys on your Keyboard – i.e. Shift-Click on Windows and Command-Click on Mac on the layers merged so that you can highlight several layers.

The next step is to right-click on the layer and then select merge layers. This will combine them together. You will see that all selected layers have been merged in one layer.

Step 4:

It is important to use the toggle layer option so that you can make the merge visible. This is a good option when it comes to combining multiple layers quickly. If you don’t want any of the selected layers to be merged, then you can uncheck it with a single click of the mouse.

You will see an “Eye” icon on the left side of the layer. In fact, the “eye” appears on the left side of each layer. You can use this icon to uncheck the layers that you don’t want to combine with the rest. Layers that have the “eye” icon visible on their left side will combine together.

Now, select alt-Click on Merge Visible to merge the layers in a single layer. This is a process that combines all the visible layers only and does not combine the unchecked layers. However, you can combine the unchecked layers later if you need to.

How to use the Flatten Image Option?

In Photoshop, there are multiple options to merge the layers. One of them is called the flatten image. Here are the steps you need to follow to flatten your image.

Step 1: Import multiple images or a file that contains multiple layers. Choose the flatten image option to combine all or selected layers together. This will discard anything not visible.

Step 2: You can use this option in the end as it is an important step before you save the image in the Adobe Photoshop program. The flatten image feature takes all the visible layers and creates a new single layer that combines them all.

Step 3: After you have used this option, the next step is to save the image or photo that has combined all the layers.

In conclusion, there are various ways to combine layers in Photoshop. However, we have given you the best method to merge layers in your Photoshop program. You can either follow the steps described in the first section or use the flatten image option.

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