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Steps to compare if data is saved in different workbooks

  • Open all the files you want to compare. Like this:

  • Now maximize and use any of the file you want to.
  • And Go to View> View Side by Side

  • After clicking on it, both the files will open together.
  • Now click on, Arrange All, to arrange files as per your convince. A pop up window will  open.   

  • Most important thing please turns on Synchronous Scrolling, if it is not turned on by default. Turning this on will ensure that when you scroll one window, the other will move in sync. This is essential if you’re working with a large spread sheet and you want to continue to check one against the other. If the two sheets become unaligned for any reason, simply click Reset Window Position.

Steps to compare data saved in same workbook

This can be done simply and is same as above but with some additional steps that are to be followed before Step 1 of above mentioned steps.

  • Your workbook will have different sheets like this     

  • Now go to View>New Window. This won’t separate the individual sheets permanently; it simply opens up a new instance of your document.
  • Go to the newly opened window. And make sure that both the windows do not have the same sheet active.

Now follow the steps like data is saved in different workbook.

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