In this guide, you will learn about various ways by which you can connect your mobile with your TV to watch Netflix.

How to connect Netflix from android and iPhone to Non-Smart TV

The first method uses physical connection between mobile device and TV using HDMI port and the second method uses wireless connection using MirraCast.

Using HDMI Cable

Take a HDMI cable and connect it’s one end with the TV and the other end with the mobile through a HDMI to Micro USB converter. Now, set your TV to read signal from HDMI port to which the cable is connected.

Play Netflix on mobile browser or app, that will also play it on your TV.

Using MirraCast or Chromecast

This method gives better experience than the above one, but sometimes the video may lag due to wireless limitations.

  • Plug your Miracast or Chromecast device in your TV’s HDMI.
  • Switch your TV signal to HDMI to which your device is connected.
  • Cast your mobile screen to TV.
  • Play your content on Netflix and watch it on TV too.

How to connect Netflix from Android to TV using Netflix 2nd Screen

The Netflix app in your mobile has ability to connect and stream to TV’s and allows you to control Netflix from mobile.

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  • Make sure that your mobile and TV are connected to same WIFI network.
  • Open Netflix app on your TV and smartphone.
  • Sign in with the same account, both on your TV and smartphone.
  • Tap on Cast icon located at the upper right or lower right corner of the mobile screen.
  • Select the TV device to play media on.
  • Select media to play on TV.
  • You can now play, pause, forward, rewind or change volume using your smartphone.

How to connect Netflix from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using 2nd Screen

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To connect Netflix from apple’s iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your smart TV using 2nd screen, almost the steps are same as the android guide described above. You can also use suitable converters to connect HDMI cable to your apple device from one side and other side to your TV. However, if you are using smart TV, then the recommended way is to use 2nd screen. But in case, your TV is not smart the recommended way is using Miracast or Chromecast.

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