Even though a long time has passed since this was the flagship product from Microsoft, they are still very much in use and people still love it for its simplicity. Gamers all over the world still want to hook up their controllers and play some titles once in a while. Let us see how to sync your Xbox 360 Controller to your Xbox 360 gaming console.

  1. Power on Your Device

One of the easier platforms to sync the controller with its console was brought over by the 360. It is even intuitive and hassle-free.

  • You simply have to turn on the Xbox 360 console.
  • You also need to turn on the controller by pressing and holding the big guide button in the center.
  • This will start a wireless connection and sync the devices together.
  • When you press and hold the wireless connect button on the controller, it will flash and rotate the colorful ring around the button.
  1. Looking for the Flash and the Ring

One way to verify that the controller is indeed pairing up with the console is to look for the notification lights or flash in this case.

  • For this, you have to press and hold the “wirelesses connect” button on the controller, not the console.
  • On Xbox 360, E and S, the wireless connect button is located near the controller ports.
  • On the original Xbox 360, this button is near the memory card slots.
  1. When Lights are Still Flashing

When you press this button above, you shall see the lights flashing and rotating around the button. It is like a light ring around it.

  • Next, you have to look for the “Sync button”.
  • This is located towards the rear side of the controller, not the console.
  • It is usually next to the wired connection of the controller.
  • Notice that the Guide button will flash when you press this “Sync button”.
  1. The Guide Continues to Flash While Syncing

The way to notice that the syncing is in process between the console and the controller is to note the light ring around the “Guide” button.

  • The ring will continue to flash when the syncing is in process.
  • Once the sync is complete and the controller is connected to the Xbox 360 console, this will stop.
  1. You can Also Connect the Controller to Your PC or Mac

The Xbox Controller can also be connected to the PC or Mac by the help of its adapters and receivers that are found in the market. The console is by far the easiest one to pair it with any game.

  • For the PC, there are several online guides specifically for whichever version of Windows you are running.
  • You also have options to choose from various adapters that the controller will need to hook up to your computer.
  1. For the Windows

As mentioned above you can also connect the controller to your computer, Windows or Mac. It may be possible for Linux users too with open source drivers written by the community.

  • For windows, Microsoft sells a bundle with controller and its wireless USB adapter.
  • You have to buy this from them.
  • You can also go for third-party sellers that sell cloned products.
  1. For the Mac

For the Mac, you have to get the wireless receiver that you had used for the Windows. This receiver is a dongle that talks back and forth with the controller.

  • This is not officially supported, though.
  • The drivers are open source and can be downloaded from Github.
  • The steps remain essentially the same as with Windows.


  • If the above methods for Windows and Mac are unclear, search for them online specifically.