Email can be defined as a message transferred by the electronic network, from one device to another with the help of the internet network.

The full form of E-mail is Electronic MailIt was invented by Ray TomlinsonPortable Document Format is the full form of PDFIt was developed in the 1990s by the AdobeThe filename extension used for PDF file is .pdfIt was released on the 25th of June 1993.

  1. Search PDF Creator Plus on the Browser on Your Computer

Then, download the free trial for yourself and install it. It is a printer that is virtual. So the PDF files can be created just by printing your document to PDF Creator plus and not through your normal printer.

  • Click on your email app, open it and find the message or email you want to convert into PDF file. The steps given below are for Microsoft Outlook but you can use the same steps on other clients as well, Like Gmail, Mozilla, etc.
  • Choose the email you went to convert, you can find the ‘file’ option on the left top of your screen, click on it. The list will appear, with different options to choose from. Click on ‘Print’ on the list.
  • Then, the option to choose from printers. Click on ‘PDF Creator Plus 7.0’ which is present on the list. Next, click on ‘OK’ or ‘Print’, whatever appears on your computer.
  • PDF Creator Plus will show you the output of the page you want to convert from your email; you can add more pages to the file to the PDF Creator file. Then, after compiling the final bundle of the pages you need in the PDF File, click on ‘Create PDF’ and convert your email into PDF.
  1. Create File

These E-mails get piled up on each other and we end up losing vital information among the useless information. Even if we can mark the E-mails then also, there are informations which we may need on an emergency basis and when we don’t have time to search through every mail to find that information.

You will need to fill the following information.

  • Decide the name for your file and type it. Save it in your preferred location.
  • Select the file and click on the Save As option. Make sure to check: Embed fonts, include hyperlinks, Create Multi-paged file and Include outline.
  1. Save it

PDF is a file that can capture all the elements of a hard copy or printed document as an image on an electronic device. Now, the final step, you just have to click on the ‘Save’ button on right bottom of the dialog box. Your PDF file will get saved in the location you wanted. But, you will have to wait a few seconds to let it progress into converting. Don’t cancel unless something went wrong.

Merits of converting the Email into PDF File:

  • Won’t lose the important message.
  • Get to save multiple emails into one single file in just a few easy steps.
  • Can get rid of unwanted information and save only a vital one, so that you can easily access it later, without having to go through a lot of data.
  • In such cases or for emergencies, we can convert those vital E-mails into PDF file and keep them safe in one folder altogether, to access them at once without having to go through the long list of Mails.


Ensure that you also compare it with other websites before choosing this converter. We receive important E-mails on daily basis. We also include random not so useful E-mails.

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