Windows is one of the most used operating system helping millions of people in one or the other way.

And Microsoft office is most helping suit for everyone, people use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etcto make reports or presentations as one can easily edit it and make changes where ever required.

  1. Choose the JPG Image

Windows is one of the easiest platforms to convert JPG to PDF. For instance, if you are working in MS word, you might have few font styles which you want to use but if those are not available in another system the font will automatically change into the basic one. But, if you convert it into PDF it will not change and u can take print from any system. Similarly, it goes with JPG files too. As there are different extensions of images like JPG, jpeg, png etc. you might not know how the file will open in another system.

  • Press on the ‘Start’ Menu in your PC or laptop and open Photos. Are you can’t find it search it in the search bar and then open the application. After it opens it will show you all the images stored in your system. If your system has an older version of the operating system then you might find it in pictures. Also, you can directly open the respective folder where you have saved JPG images.
  • If you are working on photos, then click on select at the top right of the screen. And select the images you need to convert into PDF. And if you have opened the folder then select the images by pressing ctrl and clicking on images.
  1. Work with the PDF Files

When one needs to mail it to someone or need to take print from another system it is always preferred to convert files into PDF as neither one can edit neither the file nor the file changes automatically due to different system variables and installed packages.

  • Now click on the print icon at the top right corner, if images are opened in photos. If images are selected in a folder then right click on the screen, a pop-up menu will open click on print.
  • Now change the printer option from none or selected printer to ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ or ‘Adobe PDF’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the suitable layout, orientation i.e. portrait or landscape, page size, and margins and click on print.
  • Now a window will open to save the file give desired name and location of the file and save it.

And that is how your JPG will convert into PDF. It is really easy and will not take a lot of your time.


Though these days every system has inbuilt software to open all basic types of files, but PDF is always better. Also if you are making a report with images, then PDF is the best format to take prints. But if you are wondering we know how to convert MS office documents to the Portable document format, but the ways to convert JPG into one.

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