Have you ever wondered how the beautiful images are stored up in digital space? Then let’s find out how.

TIFF (Tag image file format) image format was initially introduced by a company called Aldus and is currently owned by Adobe Systems. The PDF (Portable Document Format) is another format which has been created by Adobe and these documents that includes text and image formats.

  1. Convert TIFF to PDF Using Online Converter

This format is popular for storing scanned image, line arts, high color depth image, and grey-scale images. TIFF format is generally used when the detail must be held and the size of the file is not a consideration. There are two ways to convert TIFF into PDF. One way is to use various online converters which are available for free and the other way to utilize the converter in the Acrobat for the one who has a paid account with Adobe.

Let’s see how to convert TIFF into PDF in both the ways.

  • Open the online converter (e.g. – tiff2pdf). Click Upload file.
  • Select your respective TIFF file. Click “Open” to upload your file.
  • Wait for the file to upload. After the file is converted click “Download”.
  1. 8 Steps to Convert TIFF into PDF Using Adobe Acrobat

If you have paid version of Adobe Acrobat you can easily use them to convert TIFF into PDF. But if you want to convert just one file then, in that case, you can download the free trial version of Adobe Acrobat Pro from the Adobe’s official page and then temporarily use the same.

  • Open the Adobe Acrobat

The app icon for the adobe acrobat is a red color triangle on a dark background. Click the same to open and begin the process of conversion.

  • Open File

On the upper top left corner of the window click the file option, upon which a drop down option will appear.

  • Click “Create”

In the displayed drop-down menu various options will be displayed. Click the “Create” option.

  • Click “Select Files to Convert PDF”

After clicking this file explorer or finder will appear.

  • Time to Select Your TIFF File

On the left side of the window select “Add files”. Locate your preferred TIFF file among various other file and then carefully select the TIFF file which you want to convert into PDF.

  • Click “Open”

On the right corner bottom of the screen, you will find the “Open” option. Click on the same to upload a file.

  • Then, Click on Convert to PDF

Click the “Convert to PDF” option which will convert your TIFF format into PDF that will later appear in your Acrobat.

  • Never Forget to Save

The final and most important step is to SAVE the converted file in a proper location.

Both the method mentioned above works in the best way. Choose which seems most easy to you and get your TIFF To PDF conversion job done today.


The digital images are usually stored up in various kinds of image file format. The file formats of the image are determined by various features of the particular image. The various kinds of file format for different images are jpeg, Exif, GIF, BMP, PNG etc. TIFF is one of the widely used image file formats among it. Read on to more about the same. TIFF & PDF are complete different file formats. TIFF is used for storing images and the later one is used to store text and image formats.