General people tend to create Facebook Poll to interact with friends and family members on their personal page. Facebook Pool is about-right to use if you own any Facebook Business Page. Here, we will run-down in various fields and respective ways on how to create a Facebook Pool.

Comprehensive Guide to Create a Pool on Facebook on Group, Business Page and Events

Above all, login to your Facebook account and go to the group, fan page, or events you have created. Then follow along with the steps below to create a Poll on Facebook.

Step 1: Go to the area where you usually make a post for your page. Now, extend the dots out, which brings various options to choose from; click on “Poll” from the very section.

Step 2: There, you will find a box to fill in a couple of questions and put options.

Step 3: In the “Ask Anything” field, type the title of the pool that asks something to your audience. Also, in the “Add Option” field, type in your required number of options. You can add as many choices to the pool, but keep the things short by only adding relevant items.

Step 4: Also, you can change pool options, click the button that says “Pool Options,” then checkmark the required field.

Step 5: Finally, click on “Post” to successfully create a poll.

The Best Method to Create Poll on Facebook Messenger

You can create a Facebook Messenger Poll in a matter of seconds; however, there are things to be considered. Let’s walk through a process to create a Poll in Facebook Messenger App for iPhone/iPad and Android phones.

Step 1: Tap on Facebook Messenger App to launch it from the App drawer.

Step 2: Your Facebook Messages will appear displaying lists of chat and Active tabs.

Step 3: Now, tap to select a group chat to create and start a poll.

Note: You cannot create a Facebook Poll on individual people chat. On the other hand, you can tap on “Add new group” to start a group chat and create Facebook Poll.

Step 4: On the chat group, four-dots action icon located at the bottom-right of the conversation window.

Step 5: A menu flies up from the bottom of the screen, showing blocks of options to choose from.

Step 6: On the top bar icons, click on “Polls.”

Step 7: A poll screen will appear; there you can see boxes to fill in with information.

Step 8: On the “Question” field, ask a relevant question that matches poll options. Also, at “Options” enter reasonable items. Similarly, you can also add other lists of alternatives while hitting on to the “Add option” tab.

Step 10: Tap on the “Create Poll” button after you finish creating the poll.

On the other hand, there is no option known to delete a poll on Facebook Messenger, it keeps popping on the chat window.

Way to Create a Poll on Facebook Story

Here is how to create a Poll on Facebook using Facebook App on Android and iOS devices.

Step 1: Go to your Facebook App or the Messenger, on the top left corner you can see an option that says “Add to Story,” click on it.

Step 2: Now, capture an image or import image to the story selector. There on the top, you can see an icon that resembles to poll like on Facebook group and pages.

Step 3: After that, tap on the icon and select “Poll.”

Step 4: Now type in whatever question you like and on “Yes or No” field, edit it to add custom option.

Step 5: Finally, click on the “Share” option then tap on “Add to Story.” As a result, this will successfully create a Facebook Poll.

How do I create a poll on my personal Facebook page?

Did Facebook take away the poll option?

Why did Facebook remove polls? Facebook did not remove the feature completely, but temporarily for an update on the feature.

Does Facebook have a poll feature?

You can create a poll on Facebook to ask a question, customize the answers, and let people vote for their favorite option. For this example, we’ll show you how to create a poll on a Facebook Page. However, you can also create a poll in a Facebook group or in a story.

Why can’t I post a poll in my Facebook group?

Check for Permissions. To add a poll in your Facebook page, go to the group you’d like to ask a question to and look under the group name and above the text bar where you post a status. If you don’t see any link labeled “Ask Question,” you don’t have the permissions to place a poll on the group’s page.

Can you do a survey on Facebook?

Facebook offers two options for creating surveys: a simple poll, or the Survey app. The poll option only allows you to ask one question, whereas the Survey app allows you to customize and expand your survey to multiple different types of questions.

How do you do a survey on Facebook?

How to create a survey on your Facebook page
  1. Start a poll through your Facebook page.
  2. Enter your question.
  3. Enter the options you want people to choose from.
  4. Add photos or GIFs if desired.
  5. Choose when you want your poll to end.
  6. Post the poll. Results are shown on the post (after each person votes).

How do you create a poll on Facebook news feed?

Log into your account and navigate to your news feed.
  1. Click “Groups” in the left-hand column.
  2. Click where gray text says “Write something” and then click “Poll” from the tabs that drop down.
  3. Click “Poll Options” if you wish to allow people to add new choices or to vote on multiple choices.
  4. Tap the word “Groups.”

How do I create a multiple choice poll on Facebook?

Create a Facebook Poll Within a Facebook Group

From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group. Click Write Something and select Poll. Enter a question and then click add option… to enter options for group members to select. Click Post.

Do Instagram polls work on Facebook?

Polls. *Instagram results are counted separate from Facebook results.

Why can’t I post from Facebook to Instagram?

You cannot post from your personal Facebook profile to Instagram. Further, the feature is currently limited to the Facebook website only. You cannot cross-post from the Facebook mobile apps.

Is Facebook stories linked to Instagram?

Once your account is linked, you’ll be able to share your Instagram posts and stories to Facebook. Just head to your Instagram profile settings and then scroll to Story Controls. Now toggle the button next to Share Your Story to Facebook. All your future Instagram Stories will also be shared as Facebook Stories.

How do you create an interactive poll on Instagram?

How do you create a poll in messenger?

Here’s how: in a group conversation, just the + icon and then select Polls. From there, you can add the question and specific answers for your friends to vote on, and press submit. The poll will appear in the Messenger conversation, where your friends can easily vote.

How do you look at your polls on Instagram?