Are you an independent or an established artist who wants to bring his/her own music on Spotify but you have no idea how and where to get started from?

Chill out! Because we have got all the answers to your questions in this article.

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Let’s have a look at the step-by-step guide below.

Get a Distributor

The first step is to find a distributor. A distributor is a third party service provider that puts on or publishes your music on Spotify.

There are many distributors available in the market which you can partner with such as:

Choose your preferred distributor and Sign up by following their instructions on their official sites.

  • Sign up with these distributors with an exclusive profile name so that your name does not get mixed with other artists on Spotify and it is easier to find yourself in later.
  • If your name is similar to another artist and it got mixed accidentally, then you can request your distributor to help you change it.

Claim Your Profile

Next step is to claim/verify your profile on Spotify.

Once you’re ready to claim your profile, there are two methods to move to the next steps. Choose your preferred one.

Search by Your Name

  • Select whether you’re an “Artist” or an artist’s “Manager”
  • Type and search your name in the search bar
  • When you find your name hit Ok
  • Spotify will direct you to a new window
  • The new window will require you to email verify your profile through your distributor. For example, if you’re using DistroKid, the new window will give you the option to go to your DistroKid account and you’ll get instant access.

Tip: Once you claim your profile you will automatically get blue verified check mark right next to your profile name.

If you can’t find your name in the search bar using method 1 then try this one.

  • Go to your distributor account
  • Find Spotify profile on it
  • Then look for and press three dots button on the right side of your name and hit Ok
  • Press Share and Copy URL
  • Insert your profile link and press Add
  • Rest method is same as the above

Note: You can only claim one Spotify profile at a time.

Update your Bio

Now that you’ve successfully claimed your Spotify profile, next step is to update it.

Warning: You should have full copyrights to your bio and you can’t copy any other artist’s bio

Adding bio is an important step as it will help your fans know you a little more. Moreover, it will make your Spotify profile look professional and complete.

Desktop Application

  • On your dashboard, go to the top left side menu
  • Press About button
  • Add/Edit your Bio and hit Save

Mobile Phone Application

  • In the dashboard, go to the left menu and you will find profile icon at the end
  • Press About
  • Insert/Edit your bio
  • Press Save

Tip: You can add a word count of up to 1500 in your bio text. Additionally, you can also insert your social media or website links in your bio

Upload Images

You can also add your images to showcase to your fans. You can add the following type of photos in your Spotify account/profile:

  • Profile Image: A Profile picture will show whenever someone searches for you or listens to your songs. So make sure it is a high-quality and professional looking picture.
  • Cover Image: Also called a banner or header photo
  • Gallery Photos: Your personalized or additional pictures such as pictures in the studio or anything else.
  • Your photos must be original and in the formats such as png, jpeg or gif, and size of 6000px x 4000px.

On the Desktop App

  • Go to the left menu
  • Press the Profile option which is at the end of the menu
  • You’ll land on the overview tab which shows the cover photo at the top half page
  • Go to cover’s top right corner and look for a pencil sign and hit it
  • A new page will open and now you can edit both profile image and cover photo by tapping the pencil sign
  • To add gallery pictures tap on About and then plus or pencil sign to update pictures
  • Upload pictures from your desktop and hit ok

Tip: Spotify allows you to add up to 125 pictures in the gallery

Mobile Phone App

  • Go to the bottom left menu and hit profile
  • Press pencil sign to add a profile picture
  • To add gallery pictures, go to About tab and press plus (+) sign to add gallery pictures

Note: There is no option to add/change cover photo on the mobile app.

And that’s it, your Spotify artist account is all set. Additionally, you can add/create playlists, upload your music tracks, promote your music on sites such as sound cloud or social media, sell your merchandise, and track all new insights and royalties all in your profile/dashboard.

Download Spotify

In order to begin, you must download the Spotify application for either Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, or Linux. You can download it from the Spotify website.

  • Create a Spotify Profile Account
    A Spotify Profile Account is required before you create a Spotify Artist Account. To create a Spotify Profile Account we recommend that you use the same username as what you intend to use for your Spotify Artist Account.
    CAUTION: Avoid linking your personal Facebook page to the Spotify Profile Account. This will create issues when you start growing your engagement for your Spotify Artist Account.

TIP: Create a playlist that is similar to what genre music you are planning to release as an artist. This will attract more followers and will attract the demographic you are hoping to reach.

  • Choose a Unique Stage Name and Setup your Profile
    By having a Unique Stage Name for yourself, you avoid confusing your music with someone else’s music. Your unique stage name should reflect all of your branding for the music for management in the future. It is also recommended you upload a profile picture and write a bio for your profile to further help with the identification process when getting verified by Spotify.
  • Release and Distribute your Music
    Once you have created a playlist of your choice of genre, now it is time to release your first track! There are three ways to get your music on Spotify.
    TIP: It is recommended you add your newly distributed track to your playlist for your followers to also discover your music.
  • Release with a Spotify-verified distributor
    We recommend you use DistroKid, CDBaby, or EmuBands. These distributors will give you instant access to ‘Spotify for Artist’ and distribute your music to spotify.
  • Release with a Record Label or music management
  • Upload Unreleased Music to Spotify Upload (beta).
    You can do this by heading to the ‘Spotify Upload (beta)’ page. If you are an eligible independent artist or are invited by Spotify, you will be directed to a page where you can upload your music directly onto Spotify.
  • Get Verified
    This will require you to get verified directly with Spotify. Spotify will want to check if your are who you say you are. So be prepared to submit Album Artwork or any other pictures and verification documents necessary.
  • Get Access to ‘Spotify for Artist’
    Head to the ‘Spotify for Artist’ website. Next click on the ‘Claim an Artist Account’ button.
    At this step, you will be directed to a landing page that requires you to search for your unique stage name that you registered with Spotify. If you have already uploaded your music to your Spotify-verified distributor, you will have instant-access to ‘Spotify for Artist’. With ‘Spotify for Artist’ you will be able to access all tools necessary to find the right audience and market your music the best way possible. The tools also include concerts and merchandise.

There you have it! An all inclusive guide for musicians and music management to create a Spotify Artist Account.


Be sure to link your Spotify Artist Page on all of your social media accounts so that you can reach as large an audience as possible. While it is not recommended that you sign up for Spotify via your Facebook account, as you will then have to go through that avenue to sign in each time, and this could become a hassle as you grow as an artist and start working with a label, it is recommended that you link your page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media platform that you use.

Do not sign up using Facebook, otherwise anyone else who you want to access the Spotify account (other band members/management) would also need access to the personal Facebook account.

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