Creating a zip archive file is stress-free, and using compression tools built on Mac, there’s no need to look for additional add-ons or software to develop zips then compress them in a group of files or single files.

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If you’re unfamiliar with the process, here is exactly the step by step guide on what to do:

  • Start creating a Zip File on Mac by opening a finder through selecting the finder image located on the dock. It resembles a blue-squared face. Immediately it opens, move it to the folders that needs to be compressed.
    • To compress several files located in different places into a single zip, be sure to create a new folder first. From there, you can copy all the files that need compression in the created folder.
  • Having done that, select individual files from an organized list using the command button as well as clicking on each file.
  • Immediately you have the files, ensure you right-click either of the files that you chose. In case the mouse has a single button, you can hold Ctrl then click on the file.
    • On the other hand, you can also compress any folder with many files through right-clicking the folder.
  • Next, compress all files by selecting a compress icon located on the right-click Relax for a while until the whole process is over. It can take several minutes, but this depends on the number of files you are compressing.
    • The file name must match the name of the folder or file that you need to compress.
    • Compressed files are smaller than original files. But this depends on what you’re compressing.
    • Compressing folders and files creates a file called Archive zip.

How to Create Password Protected Zip Files on Mac

  • To start, ensure you select the folder or file that you want to archive then right click it. Click on “Compress” then choose to zip file.
  • Using a finder, scroll to “Utilities” then select “Terminal” on the folder.
  • Enter the commands to allow you encrypt the selected files: “zip -er archive name target folder”. Or “zip -e archive name target folder,”
  • In a short while, a pop up will ask you to adds password. Ensure you add password then click “OK”.
  • Verify it, press Enter then “OK”. And you’ll be through with the process.

Creating a Zip File on Mac Terminal

  • Begin by Opening the terminal
  • Type cd, then press the spacebar then drag the folder that you need the end result zip in. this results in Press ⏎
  • After that, type zip Archive .zip then drag in the folder or file that you need to zip. Alternatively, you can modify the Archive zip to any file name for a different archive you want —press⏎

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