How do I complete a Chatr profile?

To complete your profile setup, please provide the following:
  1. *Phone number.
  2. * First name.
  3. * Last name.
  4. * Date of birth.

How can I get my Chatr account number?

One of the mods eventually told me the account numbers are not in your profile online at Chatr and that to get your account number you need to call Chatr. I called Chatr support at 1-800-485-9745. I quickly got my account number from them and was able to provide it to Mods.

How do I find my Chatr account?

Chatr customers have the option to dial *225# then send to automatically check your balance on screen. Customers can also check their balance by visiting, log in and view your usage details.

How do I activate Chatr code?

Subject to chatr Wireless terms of service.

Activate using one of the following methods:

  1. From your chatr phone, dial *233*, enter PIN, press # and SEND.
  2. Visit
  3. Dial *611.
  4. Call 1-800-485-9745.

Why is my chatr account expired?

After you successfully make your full monthly payment, you will be able to use your account balance. If you don’t pay your monthly plan fee for three consecutive months your chatr account is deactivated and any remaining balance expires.

How do I top up chatr?

From your chatr phone, text your 12-digit PIN to 611. Cards are available at over 10,000 stores including select grocery stores, medicine stores, gas stations and convenience stores across the country. Add a credit card to your My chatr account and we’ll send you a top-up reminder text every month.

How much is a chatr SIM card?

Can you activate SIM card online?

How much is a SIM card? A chatr SIM card has a cost of $10.00.

How do I talk to a chatr representative?

Activate your phone or SIM card online if you purchased it with a new wireless account, an upgrade, or added a new line.

Can you buy a new SIM card?

call 1-800-485-9745 or, from your chatr mobile phone, call *611 (it’s a free call); iii. go online at or; iv. write to chatr customer service, 333 Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON M4W 1G9.

Can Chatr Use iPhone?

Can I buy a new SIM card? The answer is yes. If your SIM card is not working or you simply want to change your cell number, you can buy a new SIM card. But, remember that changing your card means also changing your phone number.

Where can I buy Chatr chips?

What documents do I need for a new SIM?

chatr offers Micro or Nano SIMs required for smartphones. For iOS9 or later you can use chatr data on your iPhone/iPad immediately.

Can I just buy a phone and put my SIM card in it?

  • Loblaws.
  • Sobey’s.
  • Metro.
  • Walmart.
  • No Frills.
  • Real Canadian Superstore.

What is the age limit for SIM card?

In general yes. In most cases, you can take a SIM card out of one phone and put it into another, and the new phone will work for calls and texts like the original one had. However, this can depend on the exact model of the phones, the way your phone company authenticates devices, and if the phones are locked.

How do I get a new SIM card from my old number?

My number without Changing SIM cards? Hi missclancey, yes you can change your Mobile Number.

Which Sim is best for internet?

Can I buy a SIM card below 18?

It only gets worse if you are below 18 years old since 18 years is the legal age for any citizen to be eligible to purchase a SIM card in India.

Can a 17 year old buy a SIM card?

Call your Airtel customer care number (121) and inform that you have lost your sim card, and want to block the card and request for duplicate sim.

For new replacement sim:

  1. Visit Airtel store.
  2. Fill the duplicate SIM card form.
  3. Provide your address proof.
  4. Provide two photos.
  5. SIM replacement charges.

Can I buy a SIM card at 16?

Here are the Best Mobile SIM Card Networks in India offering high 3G, 4G internet speeds, good coverage and great offers.
  1. Airtel. Airtel is one of the biggest cellular networks in India. It’s services like My plan and Airtel Money is quite popular.
  2. Jio. Reliance Jio is said to be the world’s biggest startup with over Rs.

Can a 14 year old get a SIM card?

Students under 18 years age (Minors) are also trying to get their hands on the Jio SIM Card. Normally, 18 Years is the legal age for anyone to Buy a new sim card. You can still get a Jio Sim card even if you are a minor by submitting additional documents.

Can I buy Airtel Sim at age 17?

No, you can’t get a SIM as you are a minor. You should be atleast 18 to buy SIM in your name.