How do I create a Dell Premier account?

Go to or local equivalent. After clicking on the URL, under SIGN IN TO PREMIER click “Sign In”. Enter your e-mail address and temporary personal password. Click “Sign In” to gain access.

What is Dell Premier account?

Dell Premier is your own, secure, personalised purchasing and support website enabling an easy, efficient and economical buying process. Through Dell Premier you can allocate access groups and roles. This enables you to manage what a user can see and do in Premier, depending on their roles and responsibilities.

What is Dell Premier Select?

How do I log into my Dell account?

Try some of the key functions of Dell Premier through PremierSelect— a limited, complimentary service for purchasing business-ready solutions and services with special savings included at every level. Find the latest solutions all in one place, and customize them to fit business needs.

What is Dell premier color?

To sign in, please enter your e-mail address and password. If you do not have an account, create one here. Forgot Password? NOTE: If you have been invited into your organization’s Dell Premier Web site, click here to login.