What happened to Gramblr?

Gramblr (some people call it “grambler” by mistake) is down, But there are even better services that you can start using as an alternative. AiSchedul meets all the necessary criteria as a suitable Gramblr alternative. It is free to use, boasts a lot of extra features, and comes with a convenient interface.

Is Gramblr free?

Gramblr is a powerful and free application that works seamlessly well on laptops and computer devices and does not require any support from smartphones. It is used to upload images and videos on your Instagram account directly from your desktop.

How do I download Gramblr on my computer?

Gramblr for PC Features
  1. Install Gramblr photo uploader version 1.
  2. Log in to your Instagram account.
  3. Select an image for uploading.
  4. Insert caption.
  5. Click on ‘Upload’ button.
  6. Confirm your uploading in the confirmation box.

How do you use Gramblr?

Does Instagram have a virus?

Is AiSchedul free?

The Instagram Virus

Malicious individuals created the virus to lead people to spoof web pages through links that appear in their feed posts or fake profile bio sections. The Instagram virus is a phishing attack that tries to trick you into giving up your login information.

Is Gramblr a virus?

What is Gramblr?

1- AiSchedul. Free Instagram schedulers are a rare sight, but AiSchedul is one of them, and it’s by far the most competitive one. What’s great about AiSchedul is that it provides all the essential options for free. The premium versions (which are also quite cheap at 9$ and 29$ per month) only upgrade those features.

Is AiSchedul safe?

Gramblr is an adware program that displays pop-up ads and unwanted advertisements not originating from the sites you are browsing. These Gramblr advertisements will be shown as boxes containing coupons, as underlined keywords (in-text ads), pop-up ads or advertising banners.

Can you delete one photo from Instagram multiple?

How do you schedule a free story on Instagram?

Gramblr is a desktop program that enables pictures or videos to be uploaded to Instagram. Gramblr was designed to allow users to upload images and videos to Instagram without a smartphone app. The program allows users to sign-in, upload, add captions, etc. It supports the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS-X platforms.

How can I delete my AiSchedul account?

So, we introduced the top 5 apps to schedule on Instagram which are totally safe and sound! Among all the apps out there, AiSchedul can be the best possible choice because apart from scheduling, it has features like reposting, auto-respond comments and etc, that will make you a professional Instagrammer for sure.

Can you delete one picture from an Instagram slide?

What is an Instagram Carousel?

In a nutshell, Instagram doesn’t let users delete one photo from multiple using the official app. However, using AiSchedul, you can simply delete some of the photos you shared as an album before or even after posting for free.

Can you delete one Instagram account and keep another?

If you wish to cancel your AiSchedul account, you need to contact us and we will cancel your account for you, you can use the Contact Us on our website to do so. However, we require a 30-day notice before we can cancel an account, therefore your subscription will continue another 30 days before full cancellation.

What does it mean to archive a post on Instagram?

What is carousel post?

Unfortunately, once you click the “share” button there isn’t a way to remove a single image. The only way to delete an image or video from a carousel post is to delete the whole post.