A pie chart is the most common chart that is used in Excel because it is very useful.  It is great if you have to display any visual information. Moreover, if you use excel for tracking the edit and sharing the data, making is a pie chart is the best step. Here are some simple steps to create a pie chart in excel.

  1. Import the Data

The most significant aspect of the pie chart is the data. You can create data from scratch or just import them. However, format it accurately for the chart. A pie-chart in excel will help in converting a column or row of data. A pie chart is the best option when you have a series of data; none of these values are either 0 or less than zero and have more than 7 categories. With the change in data, the pie-chart will also be updated.

  1. Make a Basic Pie Chart

Make a pie chart on the basis of the data. There are two different ways to do it. Make sure that you choose the cells which will be there on the chart.

  • Choose the cells and select Quick Analysis from the context menu. You will find Pie listed under the option Charts. You can get a preview just by running the mouse over the option. Click on the pie chart and it will insert the basic style inside the spreadsheet.Choose the cells and select the Insert tab. Now, click on the small arrow put on the Chart of the ribbon for opening it. You will find the pie-chart in the tab Recommended Charts. In case you do not, click on the option All Charts and choose pie.

There are options to style, make your choice before clicking OK.

  1. Format Pie Chart

As you have the pie chart in excel, you can simply change the elements like legend, labels, and title. You can also adjust the style, color, and the general format.

  1. Adjust Chart Elements

You can adjust the legend, chart title, and data title with the first menu choice. Moreover, you will get to decide if you want to display the items or not. To access to choose Chart Elements. There are options to format the chart areas that you will find within the sidebar.

  1. Change Chart Style

There is also an option to alter the color and style for the chart from several options. In order to access these items, click on the chart and choose the option Chart Styles, and make the selection.

  1. Apply Chart Filter

Sometimes, you might have to see only particular pieces of the pie or even hide some names in the series of data. This is when the chart filters prove to be useful. In order to access the options, you will have to click on Chart Filters and make the selection.

  1. Resize, Drag, Move Chart

While making the chart, Excel is going to size it and put it in the sheet in one open space. However, there is an option to resize it, move to some other spreadsheet, and drag it some other place.

  1. Add Chart to Presentation

In case you want to place this in PowerPoint presentation, it can be easily done with the action of copy and paste. However, keep in mind that there are various pasting options in Office applications. Paste it with source or destination formatting each linked or embedded data. Or, you can just post it like a picture in the presentation.