How do I set up a watch TV account?

Installing WatchTV on your Android device
  1. Find the WatchTV app in the Google Play Store™
  2. Select Install.
  3. Select Accept and the app will download and install on your device (data rates may apply)
  4. Launch the app and sign-in after setting up your account through WatchTV.

What is Attwatchtv?

With WatchTVSM, you get: 35+ live TV channels, available 24/7. 15,000+ titles with unlimited access to on-demand movies and shows. 72-hour rewind so you can watch virtually anywhere, anytime.

Is watch TV free for AT&T customers?

If you’re on an AT&T postpaid data plan or eligible prepaid data plan, streaming the WatchTV app over the AT&T wireless network will be data-free* and not count against your allotted data, including congestion management.

Is AT&T TV the same as watch TV?

Both AT&T Watch TV and AT&T TV Now are being merged into AT&T TV, a separate live TV streaming service that doesn’t require a contract. The AT&T TV app is available for mobile and streaming devices. Is AT&T TV free for AT&T customers?

How much is AT&T TV a month?

– 65,000 on-demand titles
AT&T TV Packages Price Channel Count
ENTERTAINMENT Shop now $69.99/mo.* + taxes* 65+
CHOICE Shop now $84.99/mo.* + taxes 90+
ULTIMATE Shop now $94.99/mo.* + taxes 130+
PREMIER Shop now $139.99/mo.* + taxes 140+

Is AT&T TV free with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Offer: For customers purchasing $49 U-verse bundle with 1-year term online at If an existing Prime member, the included year will be added to the end of your existing subscription. Your Amazon membership will automatically continue after the trial membership period until canceled.

How many channels does AT&T TV have?

$94.99/mo. $139.99/mo. Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply.


Channels 65+ 165+
DVR 20 hours for free or unlimited hours for $10/mo. 200 hours
Simultaneous streams 20 in home or 3 out of home N/A

Is AT&T TV free on Roku?

AT&T TV , previously known as AT&T TV NOW and DIRECTV NOW, is a live streaming TV service that offers over 140 TV channels through Roku and other media streaming devices. Current packages are shown below, all of which are now available with no contract required – cancel any time with no cancellation fees.

Does AT&T TV require a box?

Hello, new (required) Android TV box

AT&T TV subscribers will need at least one of the service’s set-top boxes connected to a TV to watch. Like Comcast’s Flex TV box for Xfinity customers and standalone streamers such as Nvidia Shield, the AT&T TV box is powered by Google’s Android TV system.

Do you need a box for every TV with AT&T TV?

How do I get Amazon on my AT&T TV?

Let me repeat that: You do not need the AT&T TV set-top to subscribe to AT&T TV. In fact, when AT&T sends you the box in the mail, you don’t even have to open the package if you don’t want to. It’s not necessary to continue watching.

How many AT&T TV boxes do I need?

Learn how to create an account for the Locast app in order to watch local channels on AT&T TV devices. Locast is a free app available on AT&T TV devices that lets you stream your local channels in the following markets: Atlanta, GA.

What is the new AT&T TV?

You can stream AT&T TVSM on up to 20 compatible devices connected to your home network at the same time. And, use up to three of those streams on the go.

Is AT&T TV any good?

How do I add channels to my AT&T TV?

AT&T is rebranding DirecTV Now as AT&T TV Now. AT&T TV is a streaming service from, well, AT&T. It will offer live TV and “55,000 on-demand titles” plus the ability to record “500 hours” on a “cloud” DVR, though the recordings will be deleted after 90 days.

How do I stream local channels?

AT&T TV is a reliable service for streaming live TV and we like its Lookback and Restart features. However, it offers far too many channel packages, most of which are overpriced. AT&T TV’s DVR capabilities also lag behind competitors’ and its apps are not as elegant.