How do I create a WePay account?

To have WePay deposit revenue directly into your bank account, go to WePay and enter your bank account information.

Create a WePay Account

  1. First Name.
  2. Last Name.
  3. Email.
  4. Set up a password.
  5. Read and check-off the Terms of Service.
  6. Then click Grant Access.

What is a WePay account?

What Is WePay? WePay is an online payment service provider based in the United States and controlled by JPMorgan & Chase. It is a digital solution that provides integrated and customizable payment processing APIs to platform businesses such as crowdfunding sites, marketplaces, and small business software companies.

Is WePay free?

Stripe’s white-label service can be more complex, but also provides more flexibility and customer support. Stripe has transparent fees at 2.9% plus 30 cents for card-not-present transactions. WePay pricing starts at 2.9% plus 25 cents, but there are additional charges for various plans not listed on its website.

Is WePay a bank?

WePay is the integrated payments business of JPMorgan Chase

We deliver payments you can bank on. Our APIs make flexible, integrated payments possible via referral, white label or payment facilitator models, so our customers can focus on their core strategy.

What companies use WePay?

Companies Currently Using WePay
Company Name Website Top Level Industry
Santa Maria Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Retail
Aplos Software Retail
CliftonLarsonAllen Business Services
J.P. Morgan Finance

Is WePay legit?

WePay is a privately held company that offers payment capabilities to business platforms and makes money by charging service fees when processing funds. WePay enables secure, customized, and frictionless payments to platforms through its APIs.

How do I get paid from WePay?

WePay is a way to collect payments online without the hassle of a merchant account, website, programming or other payment gateway. WePay will process credit cards and drop all funds collected into your WePay account, of which you can have transferred to your bank account or given as a check.

What percentage does WePay take?

How long does WePay take to process?


Is WePay associated with Gofundme?

If the Platform does not set transaction processing fees otherwise, then WePay charges the Platform’s Merchants 2.9% + $0.30 for transaction processing; $15.00 per chargeback (in addition to the amount of the chargeback); $15.00 per ACH return (in addition to the amount of the return); and a $25.00 research fee (if an

Is there a WePay app?

How Long Do Payments Take to Clear? To protect users and your donors, WePay reviews each payment submitted. Typically credit or debit card payments will clear in one business day. Payments using a bank account will process in 1-5 business days once the payer verifies their account.

How is WePay a successful payments processing company?

All future donations will be processed and paid out by WePay unless an issue with your WePay account causes our system to default back to PayPal Giving Fund. Once you’ve set up WePay initially, you can also access settings and transaction/payout reporting directly through WePay’s website.

What if I don’t have a bank account for GoFundMe?

WePay is available for download on Android and iOS. In addition, WePay also offers a VISA stored-value wallet card. You can still make payments using wallet card without the app.

What is WePay on my bank statement?

WePay makes adding payment capabilities to any site as easy as embedding a YouTube video. The firm initially started as a group payments tool where clubs and friends could pool cash for purchases, but servicing businesses proved a much more lucrative market.

Why does GoFundMe need my Social Security number?

If you are unable to obtain a bank statement for your prepaid card or online bank, our payment processor can also accept a direct deposit form signed or stamped by a bank representative, or an official printed or stamped bank letter showing all of the required information listed above.

What is not allowed on GoFundMe?

WePay enables businesses to accept credit card payments. If you have a charge from us on your statement, you’ve probably purchased something from a business that we’ve partnered with or donated to a fundraising campaign launched through one of our partners.

Does Go Fund Me take a cut?

There is a privacy issue with your SSN for Americans to consider. You cannot withdraw money from GoFundMe if you do not provide the platform with your Social Security number. The reason for this involves the responsibilities you have for taxes on the money.

What can I use instead of Go Fund Me?

Promotions on the GoFundMe Platform: You are not permitted to offer any contest, competition, reward, give-away, raffle, sweepstakes or similar activity (each, a “Promotion”) on or through the GoFundMe Services.

Can I do a GoFundMe for myself?

GoFundMe doesn’t charge a platform fee so campaign organizers can start and run fundraisers without any cost. Each donation is subject to a transaction fee (that includes debit and credit charges) of 2.9% + $. Campaign beneficiaries receive all money raised minus the transaction fees.

Can I use GoFundMe to buy a car?

Top 7 GoFundMe Alternatives
  • Fundly.
  • Bonfire.
  • Snowball.
  • 99Pledges.

What are the fees for GoFundMe?

The short answer is: you can use GoFundMe for just about anything. Most people use GoFundMe to raise money for themselves, a loved one, or a friend in need during life’s most important moments. GoFundMe can also be used to raise money for your favorite charity.

How can I raise money fast?

GoFundMe is a personal crowdfunding platform that you can use to finance a car through donations.