What is an Xfers account?

What is Xfers? Xfers is a payment solutions provider for businesses to automate bank transfer payments in Singapore. They also have StraitsX, which is a payment infrastructure for Digital Assets like cryptocurrencies. You are able to have both a Digital Goods Wallet and a General Wallet on their platform.

How do you connect Xfers?

Verify your phone number with Xfers. Xfers will send a 6 digit OTP to your registered Crypto.com Account phone number. Once your phone # is verified with Xfers, your Xfers account information and digital wallet balance will be displayed.

Is Xfers immediate?

Xfers Direct: Direct bank transfers via the FAST network.

How much money can I withdraw from Xfers?

With effect from 28th February 2020, 1630HR (GMT +8), we are pleased to share that every verified personal account of Xfers will now have zero withdrawal fees and a daily withdrawal limit of SGD 10,000.00.