Having made popular among girls going to prom or dance, this is a little different from usual styles.

The reason they look quite hard to make up is also why they look beautiful and are most wanted at the momentBut, it is very simple once you take note of the steps, it is faster tooYou can pull it off in just 5 steps.

  1. Always Start with Parting your Hair

  • Start by parting your hair in the middle all the way towards the back.
  • Secure one half with a clip so as not to disturb the other part when you are working on it.
  • Start with one side and take three smaller sections of the hair in your hands. This shall be the first knot of the crown braid.
  • In the next step, you will pay attention to the details.
  1. Committing the French Braid

Take three sections of the hair from the loose end.

  • Start towards the nape. As one knot is over, move from one to another new section.
  • Work always with three strands-sections so the new adds up.
  • For the first knot (not exactly) you have to do an inside-out cross each of them underneath the other one. Do the same with the other strands.
  • Take a bunch of a new section of the hair, combine with the nearest one and go across again. Each time you have three to work with.
  • As you continue like this moving around the side of the head towards the front, keep the braided-knots tight. If they appear loose, go back and make them tight, and then move forward with a new section.
  1. Secure after Reaching the Forehead

  • After that, continue with braided-knots when you reach the forehead section.
  • Stop and secure half of the crown.
  • Just clip it so that it does not get undone.
  • The crown is now already half done and you have to do the same as Step Two with the other half as well.
  1. Start with the Other Half, but from the Top

  • This time you have to take three sections starting from the top of the head instead of the nape as in last time.
  • Once, over, take a new section and add it up, and do another inside-out knot/cross.
  • Continue towards the nape now. Once finished, secure it with a clip.
  1. Create the Crown and Secure with Bobbi Pin

  • Bring one side to the over the forehead.
  • Join those two parts.
  • Secure with Bobbi pin forming a circle/crown.

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