Using jigsaw

  • Cutting aluminum sheet can only be easy and safe when you apply the right techniques. In this guideline we give the best ways to cut your aluminum sheet.
  • Well, before you initiate the process have ready the Aluminum sheet that you would like to cut.
  • To be exact and reduce the probability of making an error, it is advisable that you mark the sheet the place where you want to cut through.
  • You may end up wasting your Aluminum sheet if you don’t take this into consideration.
  • Make precise cutting marks on the aluminum sheet. You can use a market and straightedge when making straight lines. But when you are cutting angles and patterns, you can use a pattern and a marker/
  • Take your jigsaw and place it on the working table. Install the metal cutting blade to the jigsaw.
  • We recommend that you use a 24 toothed blade. This is because when the blade has more teeth it becomes easier to cut through the aluminum
  • A greater number of blades also tends to smoothen the cutting process. Therefore, install a metal cutting blade that has more blades.
  • Before you turn on the jig saw, lubricate the cutting blade with a few drips of cutting oil. This ensures your blades remains cool and durable.
  • Wear your safety gloves and glasses and let the process begin.
  • Place the jig saw at the point where the cutting of the aluminum sheet will begin.
  • Kindly ensure there is a 0.5 inches distance between the cutting metal blade and the aluminum.
  • Pull the trigger to activate the cutting metal blade and begin cutting the aluminum following the pattern you have chosen.
  • Slowly ease the blade on the aluminum sheet and push it gently but firmly.
  • Do not force the blade into the metal as this will end up damaging your blade.
  • Let the cutting process continue as you follow the pattern or line.
  • Once you are through switch off the jig saw.

Using aluminum grinder

  • Clear your working table and place the aluminum sheet on the working table.
  • Well, use your marker to indicate where the cutting line should pass through. This ensures you reduce the probability of making an error when cutting your aluminum sheet.
  • Connect the aluminum grinder to the power socket.
  • Ensure your aluminum grinder has all the security features that protects from any injuries.
  • Therefore, before you operate this device it is important to have your safety gloves and glasses on.
  • Ensure your install the right cutting wheel that is specifically made for cutting aluminum. It is important to note that there are numerous cutting wheels which are specifically designed to perform different tasks. For that reason choose the right cutting wheel to cut the aluminum sheet
  • Turn on the aluminum grinder and cut through the line that you have marked through the aluminum sheet.

Tips: fit your aluminum grinder with abrasive metal-cutting disc. This will help you cut all kinds of aluminum sheet with ease.

What can I use to cut aluminum sheet?

Bench-mounted tools, such as shears or band saws, cut aluminum sheet relatively slowly and with varying amounts of accuracy. An air-powered sheet metal nibbler or a nibbler head attached to a power drill can cut through galvanized, corrugated aluminum sheet, as well as flat sheet up to 16 gauge.

What is the best tool to use to cut aluminum?

Use a wood-cutting saw with carbide-tipped blades to cut most aluminum. Select a fine-toothed blade and don’t cut aluminum with a wall thickness of more than 14 inch (0.64 cm). If possible, choose a saw blade that creates narrow kerfs (the notch or slot made by the saw).

How do you cut aluminum sheets at home?

– Band Saw: usually carbide-tipped or even standard steel blade, place a piece of particleboard or plywood under the metal sheet, or using waxes and cutting oils, to help keep the metal cool and make the aluminum to be cut smoothly.

What is the best way to cut Aluminium?

Can I cut Aluminium with an angle grinder?

Abrasive cutting doesn’t work well for aluminum. This is what you are doing with angle grinders or that cut off grinder. Reason being is that aluminum has a low melt point and will clog the wheels. A better way to go is either a metal cutting bandsaw (geared so the blade doesn’t run as fast as a wood bandsaw).

What is the best saw blade for cutting aluminum?

Blade Manufacturing makes a hss blade with 200 teeth for cutting really thin aluminum, say window screen track, but for most material being cut a carbide blade with 8 teeth per diameter inch will do well, 10″x 80 tooth is a good example.

How many teeth does it take to cut aluminum?

For material up to 1/4-inch thick, use eight teeth per inch. For thicker sheets of aluminum, use a blade with just six teeth per diameter inch. The biggest risk of cutting aluminum with a circular saw is the blade grabbing the material. If the blade catches on the material, you risk injury.

Can I cut aluminum with a jigsaw?

A jigsaw is one of the most versatile cutting tools made. Key to using a jigsaw to cut aluminum properly is the type of blade that’s used. Because aluminum is a metal, a special metal cutting blade is required to make smooth and accurate cuts.

Can I use a hacksaw to cut aluminum?

The 32-teeth per inch blades are useful for cutting soft metals (aluminum, brass, etc.) or for making more precision cuts in steel. Yes it does, but in the case of hacksaw blades, the fewer teeth you have, the greater the “offset.” It’s like a rip saw vs a cross-cut saw.

How do you cut aluminum cleanly?

What is the best hacksaw blade for cutting metal?

For heavy-duty cutting jobs like steel reinforcing rod or pipe, an 18-teeth per inch blade would be the best choice. For a job that requires medium-duty cutting, like a thin wall electrical conduit, a 24-teeth per inch blade would do a better job.

How thick can a hacksaw cut?

How to cut metal with a hacksaw
Tpi (teeth per inch / 25mm of blade) Suggested usage
14 Large profiles, aluminium, softer metals
18 General workshop projects
24 Steel plate up to 5/6mm thickness
32 Hollow sections and steel tubing

How do you cut aluminum without power tools?

What is 24 TPI for cutting?

A 24 TPI hacksaw blade offers the most range. It’s good for cutting aluminum, steel rods and plates, and more. A 18 TPI hacksaw blades is perfect for cutting wood, PVC pipes, as well as hardened steel and general workshop cutting.

What is the best TPI for cutting wood?

If you’re looking to cut wood or other soft materials, you’ll need a blade with a TPI of 6 up to 20. For harder materials like metal, a TPI between 14 up to 36 is more suitable.

Which saw blade makes the smoothest cut?

With fewer spaces between the teeth, crosscut blades remove less material, resulting in a smoother cut. It also means it takes these blades longer to move through wood. Crosscut blades are an excellent choice for finish carpentry and other applications that require precision and a smooth finish.

Is more teeth on a saw blade better?

The number of teeth on the blade helps determine the speed, type and finish of the cut. Blades with fewer teeth cut faster, but those with more teeth create a finer finish. Gullets between the teeth remove chips from the work pieces.

Can I cut a 4×4 with a reciprocating saw?

Reciprocating Saw

Most reciprocating saw blades range from 3 to 12 inches, meaning they have plenty of length to handle the 3.5-inch thickness of a 4×4 post. The design of a reciprocating saw also makes them ideal for cutting through fence posts that are already in the ground.