Stainless steel is a material famous for its resistance against corrosion, durability, and strength.

Companies, at the industrial level, use this material for developing a wide range of applicationsSince this is a durable and strong material, cutting it is not an easy taskIn particular, if you are cutting the stainless steel as a DIY project, you need to learn a variety of techniquesThis way, you can apply the method to cut stainless steel.

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Tools you need for cutting stainless steel

Stainless steel comes in different forms. For example, it comes in bars, tubes, sheets, etc. We use the gauge to measure the thickness of this type of steel. You need some tools to work with stainless steel at home.

These tools are plasma cutter, angle grinder, circular saw, power shears, and tin snips. No matter the type of method you use for cutting the steel, we recommend you have some essential tools like a tape measure, metal file, workbench, work gloves, and safety goggles.

How to prepare the workspace?

A workspace is necessary for cutting stainless steel. You need to prepare the workspace at home. You can use strong workbench and sawhorses. These are important tools you can use in your DIY stainless steel cutting project.

It is always a good idea to outdoors if you are using a plasma cutter, grinder, or saw. On the other hand, you need to ensure that the space in which you will do the cutting job is free from flammable material. This is for your safety.

How to measure the cut?

Remember, we told you about the tape measure, which you can use to measure the cut. A measuring tape is a good tool for making accurate measurements so that there are no mistakes.

First, use a marker to mark the area on the steel sheet. This will allow you to easily understand where you need to start and end the cutting process. For example, you can use a ruler for marking a straight line on the material. Also, you can use a square to get a perfectly straight line.

How to cut stainless steel?

This is the main step. The previous steps were about preparing the workspace and getting ready the stainless steel material for cutting. After setting up the workspace and accurately marking the steel for cut, then you need to choose your preferred to start cutting.

If you have thin sheets that you want to cut, we recommend using tin snips. They are your best option. On the other hand, if you have thicker sheets, then you need to use an angle grinder, a circular saw, or power shears.

Moreover, you must have all these tools available at home to get an accurate cut. If you have heavy-duty stainless steel, a better option is to use a plasma cutter. Stainless tubing requires you to use a circular saw.

How to cut stainless steel using tin snips?

Thin steel requires you to use tin snips. You can use them to quickly finish the cutting job. These are tools that work exactly like scissors.

So, use them to cut through the stainless steel material. For safety purposes, it is important to cut the steel carefully so that you don’t hurt yourself with the sharp edges.

How to cut stainless steel using a circular saw?

A circular saw is an excellent tool when it comes to cutting the stainless steel pieces that are thick. You can use tin snips to cut the thick steel material. Therefore, the alternative is a circular saw. Make sure you have a proper metal cutting blade. This is important. Don’t forget that.

Before starting to cut the steel, you need to wear safety gear. No matter if you are using a plasma cutter, a saw, or a grinder, you need safety goggles. This will protect your eyes from the sparks. Also, you need high-quality gloves and pants. Otherwise, metal splinters can hurt your body.

After making adequate preparations, you need to turn “on” the circular saw. Allows it to reach full RPM before you start to cut the steel. Once done, you need to lower the saw to the steel surface and slowly cut the material. Continue the process until you have all the required pieces.

How to cut stainless steel using power shears?

Another powerful way is to use power shears to cut the stainless steel. Although this tool looks like tin snips, the difference is that they have a motor. The shears chomp out a strip of metal and cut the steel from the mid-point. First, you need to place the steel between the jaws of the tool and then squeeze the trigger. Again, work your way slowly through the steel material.

How to cut stainless steel using angle grinder?

If you don’t have a circular saw or power shears at home, you can use the angle grinder to cut the stainless steel. This tool follows the same principles as the circular saw.

Again, we advise you to wear the safety gear including high-grade pants and gloves plus protective goggles to avoid any mishaps. Before you begin the cutting process, allow the angle grinder to reach full RPM. Once done, then slowly start cutting the stainless steel.

Wrapping up, these are some of the best ways to cut the stainless steel. These methods or tools allow you to easily cut the stainless steel of different types – i.e. sheets, tubes, etc.

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