Adding ribbons to the Christmas tree might prove to be a challenge. Apart from deciding which kind of pattern to use, you have to check if you have hung it right. Several people struggle with this. If you are one among them, follow the easy steps given below to decorate your Christmas tree with ribbon.

  1. Fluff the Tree

This is the most difficult part of decorating.

  • Fluffing will depend on the kind of tree that you got. Wire branch tree are going to take more time in respect to the combination of wire and realistic branch.
  • Do not forget to fluff the inner part of the tree.
  • Do not simply fluff the branches. In case it is wire, make sure that you pull them apart.

However, if you have got a real tree, you can skip this step.

  1. Cut and Tuck the Ribbon

People tend to use the whole spool of ribbon to wrap and weave until it is over. However, there are ways to make the tree look prettier.

  • Get meshier ribbon as it works the best for sticking it to the pine like branches.
  • Get different types of ribbons and decide on which you want to be the most dominant one.
  • Modify the sizes of the ribbons if required. In case you have a white and metallic base, you can change the color of the ribbon and this will change the whole color scheme.
  • Take the ribbon and stick the end of it. Find a good spot for sticking the ribbon. When you are done, billow it out diagonally, and bring it to the centre for securing the middle of the ribbon. This has to form a billowed turf.
  • Take the rest of the ribbon and bring it out. Repeat with the process of turf creation.
  1. Bring More Ribbon

Once you have consistently covered the base, choose another for accenting.

  • Use the same method as the previous ribbon to create billowy loops and push upward for creating loose and smooth tufts.
  • Layer two ribbons, one on top of the other, treating them as a single strip. When it’s in place, you can pull one side a bit for revealing the underneath.
  1. Bring Large Embellishments

This step is little out of order in regards to the usual process. Add the largest items to the ribbon.

  • Start hanging the ornaments.
  • While incorporating these, you might have to adjust the ribbon tufts.
  • Either cluster together a few items to create an impact or spread them out evenly.
  1. Add Filler

Your tree is going to look unique.

  • Add on some moss to the branches or molded branches.
  • You can also add shallow loops of ribbon.
  • Add some flower branches.
  1. Embody a Statement

Putting up correct decorations makes you tree look beautiful definitely but yes, arranging them properly is more important so as to give your Christmas tree a better and tall look.

  • Refrain yourself from arranging bigger decorations at the lower area of the tree.
  • Add embellishments and ornaments more on the top of the tree to give it more vertically taller look.
  • Try to stick out stems a bit outward on the top of the tree and decorate it with small ornaments.
  • You can make ribbon flowers too foe sticking them out on the branches to give a fuller and longer look.
  1. Hide the Unnecessary

Once you’re done with your decorations it is time to make sure that I look completely neat and beautiful. The trick to that is to hide any unnecessary setting left exposed in and around the tree.

  • Use ornamental decorations or ribbon fillers to hide any tucks or tricks that can be seen in the tree.
  • Try adding dry stuff such as ferns to hide any ribbon tucks that can be seen, it adds more depth and holiday feeling to the tree too.
  • Using pinecones is one of the most adapted decoration, but one of the best ways to hide your tricks. It also gives a meadow look and easier to put than the other decorations.


  • The ribbon tuft shouldn’t be too tight against the branches. This is because it will create taut wrinkles.
  • Manipulate the branches of flowers. Spread it out as it gives a more organic look to the Christmas tree.

Along with the bigger embellishment, you can also add smaller elements.

How do you put ribbon on a Christmas tree vertically?

Do you put ribbon or ornaments on the tree first?

To get the look, add the ribbon garlands prior to hanging your other ornaments, making sure to tuck the ribbon further back into the branches. Casually draped around the Christmas tree, a garland of wide ribbon—three inches is best! —adds softness with a golden touch. Adding a ribbon garland is easy to do.

How do you decorate a Christmas tree with horizontal ribbon?

How do I put ribbon on a Christmas tree?

How do you make your Christmas tree look fuller?

A simple and easy trick. Along with Christmas ornaments and baubles, ribbons are perfect for making any tree look even fuller. They’re even better if they have a long tail to feed in and out of the tree and can attach to the end of your branch or further towards the trunk.

How do you make a thin tree look fuller?

How many decorations do I need for a 7ft Christmas tree?

How many decorations do I need for a 6ft Christmas tree?

Tip of the Day: How many ornaments do I put on a Christmas tree?
Tree Height Number of Ornaments
6′ 60 ornaments
7′ 70 ornaments
8′ 80 ornaments
9′ 90 ornaments
2 nov. 2011

Can you have too many ornaments on a tree?

The amount of decorations increases as you get into the 6ft, 7ft and 8ft models, with 6ft Christmas trees needing at least 128 decorating pieces to fill out the branches, 7ft Christmas trees with 196 decoration pieces and 8ft Christmas trees requiring 212 decoration pieces minimum.

Can you put ribbon on a tree after ornaments?

There is no such thing as too many ornaments on a tree!

When decorating a tree what goes on first?

If you have a base of white/metallic ornaments, you can simply change your ribbon color and it changes the entire color scheme of the tree. Take the end of the ribbon (I usually start in the middle of the tree), pinch the end together, and stick it in.

How do you decorate with mesh ribbon?

To showcase your favorite ornaments, place them in prime positions on the tree first. Next, hang your larger ornaments, spacing them evenly around the tree. Ornament balls in one color but several sizes and textures will create continuity from top to bottom. Hang the larger ones on the bottom, the smaller at the top.

What does a ribbon around a tree mean?