In maintaining your house, every effort you make so it can look beautiful is worthy. And why not? After all, it’s your home. It is a place where you live, laugh, cry and make memories. The living room is that section of your house that everyone is warmly welcomed in. Everybody stays here, talks and has fun and that is why the living room is named that way. Here are some ways to decorate it beautifully so others can enjoy it more.

  1. Consider Stock

The first and foremost part of decorating your living room is looking at the kind and amount of furniture you have that you want to set up in the living room. Keeping an account of the perspective of furniture makes it easy to imagine your ideas and see what kind of your ideas fit in and what don’t.

  • Make a list of all the furniture you have and the part of the furniture you want to arrange in your living room so that any additions or reductions layer can be made.
  • Also, specify the nature of the furniture whether they are small or big or leaner or wider so that you can judge how and where will you fit it in the living room.
  • The list is important so it can provide you with a pre-preparation overview of every aspect of decorations.
  1. Decide

Now the best step for decorating your living room is to decide whether do you want to put all the furniture or just selected. Do Do you want to add any more other pieces in your living room? You just need to decide whether you want it fuller or not.

  • Decide the kind of theme you’re going to with decorating the living room.
  • See if you want to keep it simple or you want to make it quirky and funky or a medieval kind or posh.
  • This is really important to decide beforehand because later keeping changing things will lead to a long and time taking process. And do not forget the efforts you’ll be going through.
  1. Colors

Now, choosing a color for your living room is not just about decorating your living room, but depicting about your own choices. You need to decide the color with respect to the tone your whole house is following and also with respect to the furniture you’re going to put in your living room. If these criteria are not considered it will all look jumbled up.

  • See whether the color you want to choose for the living room is going with the pack of colors around the house, it is necessary for it to be coordinated.
  • Also, refrain from choosing a single color for your whole living room. This will make it look very bland and distasteful.
  • Color blocks are the best ideas for the living room decorations and the most in style are the pastel shades.
  • Not only colors give life to your living room but it also provides for a certain atmosphere everyone who’s invited will fee, so make your decision wisely.
  1. Perfect Lighting

Not many people consider that lighting is that important in the living room as all they rely on is the decorations they’ve put up or the designs and colors they have used. But all of these efforts might go to waste if you do not have a perfect light setting to showcase it all. Lights not only add brightness to your living room but also makes it worth looking at.

  • Make sure you have an appropriate number of lighting in your living room.
  • If you want you can use focus or display lights, right on the pieces of furniture that you think can be highlighted and bring more life to the living room.
  • Do not add too many different colored lights, stick to basic same colored lights or warm lights, it will make your Living room cozier.
  1. Show Your Style

The living room is the heart of your house; you decorate it most beautifully for yourself and her to feel good while you spend your time in it. So, when it comes to accessorizing your living room, it must always show your own style in it. After all, it’s a reflection of your own heart. So, it must always reflect your style.

  • Try to use the colors rat you love on yourself, and accessorize them with stuff that you love using or depict your choices.
  • Make it colorful if you’re fun-loving in your behavior and if you’re on the serious side use pre-prepared color combinations and mainly pastels, they’ll reflect your serene personality.
  1. Dark and Light

The combinations for the living room must always be in different tones. The combinations over plain colors always look better in the living room and so does it apply to the decorations and accessories that you use in the living room. The more color tones you can match in your living room, the more it will be noticed.

  • It is better to use tones that are dark and light. They must always be in combinations.
  • If you have a light background on the walls, it is best to use furniture that is a darker color tone than the background.
  • And if your background is darker than use warm colored furniture and decorations. The color blocks are always the best options.
  1. Neutrals

Besides the color you want to use in decorating your living room, always make a mix and a match of the contrasting neutrals. It goes a long way making others feel welcomed and richer and more classic to others. The more neutral combinations you use in some places the better it is in its looks and the more warmth it depicts.

  • This makes your color palette feel more serene and brings out the corners and crusty outing in your living room, look more classic.
  • When it comes to white, you can always pair it up with bronze-colored decorations as it will give you a rich and historically warm theme. This one is appreciated the most and is not used very often.
  • Nailing the neutrals is difficult, so make sure you know your combinations and choose the neutral wisely in accordance with them.
  1. Texture

The texture in your living room is another important thing you should add. Not everything should be the same. Variety is needed and always appreciated. Having the same couture will make it difficult to wear out soon, and will start looking old easily. But if you have a kid and a match in your patterns through the living room, it will come off to be more alive and better.

  • The texture in the living room is often ignored, as you don’t see it much but just feel it, but however much you think it is unnecessary, it is needed.
  • You can include leather, stone, glass, metal and other different natures of stuff in your living room, do not stick to just one type of texture.
  • If you’re trying to make your living room cozy, the addition of the pillows is a must, which will add more theme and texture to your living room.
  1. Bring in the Wood

Now, mostly everyone lately is abiding by less furniture and more space in your living room but that should not be it. Talking about texture is incomplete without talking about the addition of wood to your living room. It is a necessity for decorating. It is one of the most important materials to bring warmth to the room.

  • You can make the addition of wood in any way so that your space is more inviting and not very messy or rushed.
  • Wall paneling’s, chests or shelves are the best methods to occupy proper space include wood in your living room decorations.
  1. Choose Correct Fabrics

Choosing the right kind of fabrics must also be considered while thinking about decorating your living room. It is important for your seating arrangements to not only be comfortable but also durable and stylish. And what this means completely depends on your family.

  • See if you’ve small babies or pets at home, that may make a rack out of your living room settings and make it messy or dirty from time to time.
  • So, looking at it generally, mid-tone fabrics are the best choice, be it dark or light tones, they are the most durable ones.
  1. Movable Furniture

Movable furniture is a very good option for decorations because that assures that you can change them anytime you want. Lightweight stools and tables and Ottomans are the options that you can always look up to while you’re trying to decorate your living room.

  • The furniture that can be moved around easily makes your living room even more comfortable to be in. Your family can shift it for whatever reason they want to and it won’t be a tedious task.
  • You can use a few smaller sized furniture that can be moved to the location usually wouldn’t land up in. It makes it more attractive anyway.
  1. Don’t Brainstorm

Everyone wants their living room to look the best. With everything that schemes and looks completely perfect. This leads to you brainstorming and keep doing things that make you feel that this particular setting is perfect. But the more you think, the more you do and then it leads to mess things up leaving you disheveled.

  • You just must hold on to your thoughts. Instant thoughts. The living room is a kind of space that required spontaneous thoughts to make it look good.
  • Trying to make it perfect, it will lead to a thumb sticking out every time something is not in its place.
  1. Finishing Touch

After you’re done decorating and setting your living room the way you want it to be now it’s time to give it one last finishing touch. Finishing touches must be either singular or small; they should not make your living room look messier.

  • You can start by thinking about putting up a painting; these are the latest trends that give your living room a room original and a modern look at the same time.
  • You can use an abstract painting that matches the theme you’ve used in your living room.
  • You can also finish by adding a classical center light, with one bulb or lights with multiple fringes hanging bulbs.


  • Make sure to use furniture with the opposite color tone to your living room background themes, or else both of them can kind of mellow down and lead to a bland outcome.
  • If you’re decorating a small living room, try not to put too much stuff, it will look clustered and if you have a big living room, fill it with differently sized upholstery to make it look classic.