If you made a mistake when bidding on an eBay item, then there are some specific circumstances when you can delete your bid.

Follow these steps if you offered the wrong amount, when there are significant changes to the item description, or a seller doesn’t respond to your messages.

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  1. Go to the Help page after signing into your eBay account, which is accessible from the left side of the menu bar that you can find on the top of the screen.
  1. Search for “Retracting a Bid” through the help screen. eBay will then give you the option to click on a command that begins this process.
  1. Now you can select the item that contains the inappropriate bid. You’ll find it under the Retract Your Bid subheading. Click on the continue button.
  1. Choose your reason for canceling the bid from the selected options. Then click Continue, and then choose Retract Bid when the option appears.

  • If the auction item on eBay is going to close in less than 12 hours, then you only have 60 minutes to retract a qualifying bid.
  • You have the option to contact the seller to request a bid cancellation.
  • When you use the eBay app, the processes and rules are still the same.
  1. Verify that the process is complete by looking at your current bids or with a visit to the listing.

TIP: Sellers cannot give you a negative rating for a bid retraction, but they can report one to eBay that they think is invalid.

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