Earlier, you created a secondary YouTube channel, and it’s not paying you off. Now, out of anger, you want to delete the channel. Nonetheless, there can be lots of cases where you want to stay clean from having an account on YouTube. If you would like to know how to delete a YouTube channel, follow along till the last section of the article.

There are generally two types of YouTube channels a person can make; Brand and a Personal. The personal channel is what we usually see on our recommendation, whereas the brand YouTube channel is run by a couple of people jointly. Here is a complete guide to concurrently delete any of those YouTube channels.

1. Delete YouTube Account from Google My Account

Step 1: Head towards your personal computer and launch your favourite browser. Now, log in to your YouTube channel if you have not already.

Step 2: After logged in the head directly to Google-My Account, on this Google page, you should already be logged in with the account associated with the YouTube channel.

Step 3: On the left panel, you can see lists of options you can select, click on one that says “Data and Personalization.”

Step 4: Now, scroll down the page where it says “Delete a Service or Your Account.” If you have relevant content, you would like to save for later days, and you can download them from the “Download your Data” option. Also, you can set a plan for your account.

Step 5: Flowingly, click on “Delete a Service or Your Account.”

Step 6: On the redirected page, click on “Delete Google Service” on the first tile.

Step 7: After that, enter your email (if not auto-saved) and a password to verify the process.

Step 8: Also, enter the confirmation code if that pops up on your mobile phone. After all, hit continue.

Step 9: You will see the lists of Google services you have been using on the screen. In our case, we are interested in deleting a YouTube channel, clicking on the remove or bin icon next to YouTube.

Step 10: If prompted, enter your account password and verification code.

Step 11: Importantly, you are now redirected to a page to confirm the deletion. Check-mark the agreement and finally click “Delete Content” to successfully delete a YouTube channel.

2. Delete YouTube Account from YouTube Settings

Deleting a YouTube channel from YouTube settings is handy. It requires only some quick and easy steps to do so, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube account and follow along with the profile icon located at the top-right corner.

 Step 2: From the profile menu, you should see the “Settings” option on the list, click on it.

Step 3: You are default on the “Account” tab, there you can see details about you channel and membership.

Step 4: On the same left panel, search and find that says “Advance Settings,” click on it.

Step 5: Advance settings allows you to set up your channel how you want, there you can bunch of channel details; User ID, channel ID and URL. Scroll down to find “Delete Channel” option. Now, click on it.

Step 6: YouTube asks you to enter password to your Google Account to confirm the channel deletion. On the redirected page, you can choose either of the option to hide your channel or delete it completely. Click on “I want to permanently delete my content.” Check-mark the confirmation box and click on “Delete my Content.”

3. Best Method to Delete YouTube Channel on Android and iOS device

You should probably have plenty of reasons to delete a YouTube channel, so we are here to help you. In case you have no right access to your computer and want to delete your channel right from the smartphone. We are here to guide.

Step 1: Go to your YouTube channel section on the YouTube app.

Step 2: Open up your YouTube account settings while clicking on the channel’s profile picture.

Step 3: On your YouTube account, click on “Manage Your Google Account.”

Step 4: Now, tap on the section “Data and Rationalization.” Now, search and find “Delete a service or your account.”

Step 5: On the very service, click on “Delete a service.”

Step 6: Enter your account password and continue while selecting YouTube to delete your YouTube account.