Chromebooks are one of the mostly used Hi-Tech devices created. It is sort of a laptop or a tablet, with its very own original operating system. The device is useful because you don’t need to rely on different storage devices like hard drives. Since major data or applications present in the Chromebook is stored in its cloud facility and not in the machine. However, some people get confused on how to delete apps from the same, here are the instructions you can follow.

  1. If Apps are Downloaded from the Play Store

When downloading from Play Store, different cache takes up space along with the parent app becoming the main reason for all that extra space being occupied, leading you to uninstall or delete unwanted applications. You can follow this procedure.

  • Make sure which device you use with your Chromebook, the mouse or the tracking pad.
  • If you’re using the mouse, long press the right-side hovering over the required app you want to delete.
  • If you’re using the tracking pad, then click with two fingers over the desired app and select uninstall.
  • Incise you have the tablet, then using the touchscreen, long press over the desired app and select uninstall.

If the procedure doesn’t result in what you tend to happen, you can refer to Google Support Forum.

  1. If Your Apps are Downloaded from the Web Store of Chrome

Similar to the procedure of downloading apps from Play Store, the procedure to delete apps from the web store is also pretty convenient. However, when downloading from a website, certain extra files tend to get downloaded with the original app, resulting in extra occupancy of space. This procedure can be followed to delete the unwanted app.

  • Identify the host device you are using with your Chromebook.
  • If the host device is the mouse, long press the right side of the mouse hovering it over the desired app and select uninstall as it appears.
  • If the host device is a tracking pad, a two finger click hovering over the desired app will do the trick and press uninstall.
  • If you are using chrome tablet or even if it is just the touchscreen, just long press your finger over the desired app and uninstall. Sometimes, the extra files do not follow the removal with parent app; in that case, refer to the community help center from chrome.
  1. If You Want to Remove Linux Apps from Chromebook

Linux apps are the latest creation offered to the users of Chromebook, and the process of removing Linux apps is a lot more complicated than the removal of chrome apps. The process with being complicated is intense and you need to focus throughout the process. Follow the steps given below as it is.

  • The first thing to do is open the terminal. Once you’ve opened it, command (app name) fill in the name of your app and then press enter.
  • Once this is done, you will get a command saying get the app or delete the app.
  • Uses the complete app name even the minor names so that you find the proper app to uninstall.
  • Then press “Y” and enter the command to uninstall the application.
  • You will have to check the terminal again in order to confirm whether the app is uninstalled or not.
  • Once you put in the command, the run window will display the apps and you won’t find yours which means the work is done.


  • When it comes to removing applications from your Chromebook, make sure that you take the entire additional file and cache with the parent file as the data won’t be removed completely if the caches are not deleted.
  • Chromebook apps are a system based whereas Linux apps are an operation-based app and will be removed from all the operating system internal data. The same does not happen with Chrome apps. The internal data remains intact.