How do I delete my Burner account?

Request a deletion of your account:
  1. Burn all your numbers and delete the app.
  2. Send us an email at with your account phone number. Once we confirm it’s yours, we’ll queue it up for deletion.

How do I delete a Burner phone?

If you’re on Android: You can shut down Burner by open the main page of your device and holding the Burner icon until all you see a menu option to “Uninstall,” or you might be able to drag the Burner icon towards an “Uninstall” part of your device (usually near the top of your device’s screen.)

What happens when you delete a burner number?

You’ll have one last chance to change your mind before permanently deleting all data associated with that Burner number. All data will be wiped, including messages, voicemails, and photos. You won’t be able to undo it once it’s done, so make sure you pull out everything you need before burning.

How many Burner numbers can you have?

You can get up to five with different “locations” with Flyp for iOS and Android. Each number has unlimited calling, texting (and picture messaging), and voicemail. It’s expensive but simple.

How can you tell if a phone is a burner?

A burner phone number can be traced. All mobile phones (including prepaid ones) and burner apps go through a cellular carrier or virtual number operator. Your identity can be tracked through call logs, data usage, approximate location, and text messages. Law enforcement can compel companies to provide this information.

How do I unsubscribe from burner?

If you subscribed via the web, you may cancel your subscription by logging into by entering your main cell number. From there, you can tap the cancellation link, follow the prompts that let you know about your grace period, and confirm.

How can I get a free burner number?

In short, when you’re using the Burner app, your phone isn’t traceable back to your primary number. If someone is looking to see who you called on December 10th, 2018, and you used the Burner app, they won’t be able to identify who you called because the number on the phone log will be your Burner number.

What is the difference between a burner phone and a prepaid phone?

These fake number apps let you generate a burner number so you keep your real phone number private.

Here are some of the best burner phone apps.

  1. Burner.
  2. Hushed.
  3. CoverMe.
  4. Line2.
  5. Sideline.

Why would someone use a burner phone?

Technically, a burner phone is a prepaid device. However, burners are different from prepaid phones in that they are used specifically for one purpose and then disposed. Since prepaid phones can be bought with cash (and without a contract), theyre much harder to track.

How can I make my phone untraceable?

A “burner phone” is a cheap, prepaid mobile phone that you can destroy or discard when you no longer need it. In popular media, criminals often use burner phones to evade detection by authorities. You might use a burner phone for privacy reasons, as a last resort, or during an emergency.

How much does a burner phone cost monthly?

Use a pre-paid phone to make untraceable calls. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting their phone to be untraceable, but traditional methods of hiding your phone number, like dialing “*67” before the call, will only disguise your caller ID number.

What is the cheapest way to get a burner phone?

Available at the App Store and Google Play, Burner is free to download and free to try. Additional time and numbers are available by in-app purchase (from $1.99) or a subscription for $4.99/month, which enables one burner line with unlimited calls, texts, and picture messages for one month.

How long does a burner phone last?

US Mobile has the cheapest unlimited talk and text plan, at just $10 a month. Republic Wireless is a close second, at $15 a month. For unlimited data, US Mobile and Visible have the least expensive plans, packaged with unlimited talk and texts for $40.

Is TracFone a burner phone?

Burner is available on iOS and Android, and comes with a free trial that lasts seven days, 20 minutes, or 60 messages. You can get unlimited voice minutes and texts in the area code of the user’s choice for 8 credits, which costs from about $4 to $4.99, depending on whether you buy credits in bulk.

Is the burner app safe?

Essentially, a burner phone is another name for a prepaid cell phone. You can find prepaid phones from providers like TracFone at retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and drugstores. Often, these are old-school phones that have no touchscreen or smart features. However, prepaid Android burner phones are also available.

Do you have to pay monthly for a burner phone?

We protect your privacy by forwarding calls on your Burner through you to your main cell number. That way, your real phone number—increasingly used as a primary identifier and security tool online—is never exposed to people, companies, or risks you aren’t comfortable with.

Does 7/11 sell burner phones?

Prepaid phones provide the basic services of regular cell phones. However, there’s no long-term contract requirements or overage charges for minutes that exceed the monthly plan. You’ll find that a prepaid cell phone works just like any other, although without a long-term commitment and some of the bells and whistles.

Can police track a TracFone?

While the days of 7-11’s SpeakOut prepaid phone service are over in the USA, 7-11 does still sell burner phones. These burner phones can be paid for by cash, and work well with no-contract mobile plans from leading mobile carriers like T-Mobile.

What is Ghost phone?

TracFones are pre-paid cell phones that you can buy at a variety of outlets and dealers. However, like any cell phone, a TracFone can be traced and located.

How untraceable are burner phones?

The Ghost Cell Phone Data Service uses eSIM technology that allows data connections on a smartphone without a physical SIM card. The service includes a free app available for both Android and iOS that further enhances data protection and privacy.