How do I delete a disabled account?

You can’t delete your disabled Facebook account. You have to retrieve your disabled Facebook account then only you can delete it.

Do disabled Google accounts get deleted?

When your Google account is disabled, access to Google services; emails, Contacts, Photos, and other Data (Google docs, Drive) are restricted. You will need to begin the account recovery process immediately you notice your account has been disabled because all disabled accounts are eventually deleted.

How do I remove a disabled Google account from Android?

Use the Settings app. Go to Accounts > Google > something then tap on the menu icon (three vertical dots at the top right). Use Remove account to get that account off your device.

Will a disabled account be deleted?

Disabling a facebook account is a temporary process. Your profile will be disabled temporarily and no one can view your profile even no one can’t send you a message (if enabled). So don’t be afraid about your disabled facebook account. It will not be deleted by facebook without your permission.