How do I get a Gmarket account?

Go to the English Gmarket website and in the top right side click “Register” which will take you to the Registration page. This is pretty straight forward, make sure you click “ID Availability” next to ID, a pop-up will come up and tell you its available.

How do I use Smile cash in Gmarket?

You can get Smile Point when you buy in Gmarket. You can exchange Smile Point into Smile Cash if there are more than 10,000 points. Make sure that you can’t purchase items or pay shipping fee by Smile Point itself.

Why is my Gmarket order Cancelled?

If you tried to make a purchase with credit card or PayPal that has not been verified from our side, your orders can get inevitably cancelled and refunded automatically. For your shopping on Gmarket without any problem, you need to get your payment method verified.

How can I contact Gmarket seller?

Contact of customer service (phone, email)
  1. Head Office. eBay Korea Co., Ltd. 34F, Gangnam Finance Center, 737.
  2. Customer Service. Phone: 1566-5701. Phone: +82-2-1566-5701.
  3. About Gmarket. Gmarket is a leading South Korean ecommerce company founded in 2000.

How do I withdraw money from smile cash Gmarket?

Smile Cash withdrawal is allowed only by the account holder and only to an account under the same name and to withdraw from your Smile Cash balance to your bank account, the process normally takes up to 24 hours (approximately 1 business day) to be cleared and shown on your bank statement.

Is it safe to buy in Gmarket?

Conclusion: DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM GMARKET. Even if several months may have passed since your Gmarket transaction, contact PayPal and/or your credit card company (if utilized for the transaction) and initiate a chargeback claim. I will never purchase another item from Gmarket.

How do I change my Gmarket app to English?

Head over to and select the English option on the top right-hand side.

How do I unsubscribe from Gmarket emails?

You can unsubscribe from receiving these marketing emails at any time, free of charge, via My Gmarket or the link in the emails.

How do you pay on Gmarket?

  1. Credit Card. We accept all major credit cards (VISA, Master, Union Pay, JCB, AMEX and others) issued by international credit card companies.
  2. PayPal. Select PayPal as your payment method when you place an order.
  3. Credit Card issued in Korea.
  4. Wire Transfer(Gmarket Private)
  5. Smile Cash.

What is the best Korean online shopping site?

Top 10 Korean Online Shopping Websites
  • Coupang 쿠팡 Website:
  • NAVER Shopping 네이버쇼핑 Website:
  • Auction 옥션 Website:
  • WeMakePrice 위메프 Website:
  • Interpark 인터파크 Website:
  • Shinsegae Mall 신세계몰 Website:
  • Danawa 다나와 Website:

How long does gmarket take to deliver to USA?

it generally takes 2~5 business days for delivery to complete. Please be advised that the duration may vary depending on the item.

What is dong in Korean address?

Gu – a district within a metropolitan city. Dong – an area or district within a city or gu (these are then divided into ga) Ga – a block.

Which is the most trusted online shopping site?

Best Rated Online Shopping Sites in India
S.NoOnline Shopping SiteCategory
3Myntra.comFashion & lifestyle
4Tataclliq.comFashion & electronics

Are Korean clothes expensive?

What is the safest way to order online?

Some agree that yes, it’s expensive, but that there are options for everyone. Others say that compared to foreign clothing brands, Korean fashion is cheaper. Also, many people say all you need to do is visit wallet-friendly shopping venues.

How can I protect myself from buying online?

  • South African’s love shopping online more than ever in 2020.
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  • review4,5.
  • Woolworths.

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