You own a low-end device and find out that Google Chrome is using lots of memory lately, the solution is to delete it.

However, you can optimize the performance by removing junks and temporary data on ChromeGoogle Chrome is no exception to the heaviest web browser for any platform; thus, it’s good to know the ways on how to delete Google Chrome on cross-medium.

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Completely Delete Google Chrome on Windows 10/8/7

There are several ways you can delete applications on Windows, but not all the method does it ultimately. The steps we are discussing here follow the practice of using the Control Panel application to delete Chrome completely on Windows 10/8 and 7.

  • On the Windows Search option, type in “Control Panel” Or, hit Windows key on the keyboard.
  • On the Control Panel search for “Programs” title, then click on it “Uninstall a program” link beneath the program option.
  • After that, you land on the page which says “Program and Features,” there you will see lists of the application installed on your computer.
  • Now, from the list search and click on “Google Chrome
  • A dialogue box generates the confirmation report, confirm uninstalling, and follow along with the instruction.

By the end, you will have Google Chrome deleted entirely from your computer.

Step-wise Guide to Delete Google Chrome on Mac PC

Here we are walking through the popular way to delete Google Chrome on any Mac OS, so let’s begin.

  • First, you need to open the Spotlight search bar, press the Command and Space key simultaneously to bring the search bar.
  • On the Spotlight search, search for “Storage Management” then open the utility tool.
  • Once you open it, the lists of the option will appear on the left panel, click on “Application”.
  • On the lists of applications, search, and click on “Google Chrome”.
  • After that, on your Mac, a pop-up should generate a dialogue box to confirm the deletion, tap on “Delete”.

Guide to Uninstall Chrome on Android Phone

Deleting Google Chrome on Android phones is very simple and easy to perform.

  • Firstly, launch the “Settings” app on your Android phone.
  • After that, search for “Application Manager” from the settings list. The settings interface may differ from one Android brand to another, consider finding the exact settings on your phone.
  • On the lists of apps on the Application manager, tap on “Google Chrome
  • Now, you should see lots of options to modify, change, and delete the application. Tap on “Uninstall Chrome” to remove it from Android phones altogether.

The Process to Uninstall Google Chrome on iPhone and iPad

Either its Google Chrome browser or other downloaded application, we delete them the same way. The method is simple and easy, go through the following steps.

Step 1: Open your iPhone or iPad and scroll to the application window where you have installed your Chrome browser.

Step 2: Now, long press on Google chrome, you will see the applications start wiggling.

Step 3: On the top corner of Chrome, you will see a small cross icon. Lastly, tap on it to delete Chrome on iPhone and iPad.

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