How do I delete Google Play Music app?

Is it OK to delete Google Play Music app?

The Google Play Music service is deceased, but the app still haunts many Android devices. Luckily, Google is rolling out a posthumous app update that adds a way to ditch Google Play Music’s presence from your phone forever. First, you’ll need to download the new Google Play Music app update, version 8.29. 9112-1.

Why can I not uninstall Google Play Music?

Since these apps are essential for Google’s business, they force mobile manufacturers to embed their app in system level. , bought a Google Play dev license for some reason. Google Play, on most Android phones, is a system application. This basically means that you cannot uninstall it.

How do I hide Google Play Music?

Easily delete the Google Play Music local data from your device to free up space. “Hide app” makes it so that “Google Play Music will no longer show on your homepage or all apps view.” After confirming, Play Music will no longer appear in your app drawer and you’ll no longer be able to open it.