When it comes to security Mozilla Firefox beats all the web browsers in the market at present.

The company Mozilla has a good saying that every user has the right to privacyThis also means that all the user has all the right to delete or keep the history or a kind of cookie in their browser.

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Deleting History in the Present Version of Firefox

The present version of Mozilla Firefox – https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/releases/, is the most stable and the most secured. There are very fewer updates provided for the software as it does not need regular updates.

  • Open the browser from the desktop icon.
  • There is an icon on the upper side of the taskbar, click that.
  • After clicking the user will see an option called Library. Click that and the user will see various options like bookmarks, pocket list, history, and screenshots.
  • After clicking the history option, the user will have a lot of option to delete their history.
  • The user can delete specific history like last hour, last four hours or today or the entire history.

Deleting History from Version 29 to 35

As we all know that the latest versions of the Firefox browser are the most stable, there are the version which are previous to the current version which is version 29 and 31. They have a different GUI but are stable.

  • First, open the browser from the desktop icon.
  • Then on the upper right side of the browser, there is an icon which has three horizontal lines, click that.
  • The moment the user will click the icon they will see the history icon with a clock.
  • Click that icon and the user will see the clear recent history icon.
  • After clicking the icon, the user will have the option to delete the history.

Deleting History from Version 2 and 3

The version 2 of Mozilla Firefox is one of the oldest versions but it is still installed in a lot of systems as many still use Windows XP.

  • Open Firefox from the desktop.
  • On the upper left corner, there will a drop-down menu for tools.
  • Click that and then click the options tab.
  • There will be a dialogue box that will open and the user will find a lot of option there. Click on the privacy button and click the clear browsing history on the lower right corner.
  • Now press OK and the history is deleted.

Version 3 got upgraded with a lot of features but still had a lot of issues and security problems. But gradually the final update was stable.

  • On the upper right corner, the user will see the tools option. So click that button.
  • Now click on the privacy button where the user will see a box with lots of functions like main, tabs, content, application, privacy, security and advanced. Click the privacy button and there the user will see options to delete the history, cookies and private data like user name and password.
  • To delete the history just click the clear now button on the lower right side of the box.
  • Now click “Ok” to confirm deletion of the history.


  • Always keep in mind that is not possible to recover the history in the previous versions of Mozilla Firefox. You can only recover the history by using any third party software.
  • If the user wants to delete the history specifically of a date or time, they can do that. This option is not there in the old versions.

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