Before you begin the Hulu account deletion process, you should know that you’ll cancel any paid subscription if you already did that. However, if you want to cancel your Hulu subscription, follow the step-by-step guide below:

  • On your favorite web browser, log in to Use the apparent method to log in to your account using your credentials (email address and password).
  • Move the cursor on top of your name located in the right corner until you see a drop-down menu. Tap on Account.
    • Sometimes you may be forced to re-enter your password.
  • From there, on the “Personal Information” section, select Update Personal Info.
    • Close to the lower side of the displayed window, select “Delete My Free Hulu Account.”
  • Finally, a new window display that explains what happens immediately you delete your Hulu account pops.
  • If you want to confirm if you’ve genuinely deleted your account, tap on a box that’s labeled “Enter Current Password” then key in the password that you need to use to protect the Hulu Account. From there. Tap on “Yes, Delete My Account.”

Voila! Your Hulu Account is no more!

How to Delete Hulu Account on Phone

  • Launch your Hulu account through clicking on the green icon that has a “Hulu” icon written on it. It’s found on the phone’s screen.
    • Using your credentials: email address and password, log in to your Hulu account using the usual method used to log in when the Hulu app doesn’t log you in automatically.
  • Right after that, click on the Account icon on the lower right side of the device’s screen. This navigates you to the Hulu Account page on the app.
  • Once more, click on the Account option located on the upper side of the account’s page. When the app requests you to type your password, ensure you do so again.
  • Move to the bottom side of the device screen then use the Cancel your subscription option. Immediately, click on “Cancel.”
  • Click “Continue to Cancel” on the lower side of the next screen then choose a reason why you want to delete the account from a list that appears.
  • Once more, click on “Continue to Cancel” it’s an option located on the lower side of the screen then continue.
  • Click on Yes, Cancel Subscription. This navigates you back to your Hulu account page.

Having done that, you’ll have deleted your Hulu account on the phone.

How to Delete Hulu Account on iPhone

  • Launch your iphone’s settings through clicking on the grey-geared icon. This is located on your phone’s home screen.
  • On the upper side of the settings page, click on the “Apple ID name card.”
  • Move down to the center of the page then click on “iTunes and App Store.
  • After that, click on your Apple ID found on the upper side of the page.
    • Doing this displays a pop-up menu. On this menu, click on View Apple ID. This is located somewhere close to the top side of the menu.
  • When prompted, type your Apple ID password. But in case the Touch ID is already set up, you can scan your fingerprint then log in.
  • After that, on the bottom side of the page, tap on
  • Right after you tap on subscriptions, click on Hulu. You can as well skip this part when you don’t have any other subscription on iTunes, it will redirect you to Hulu.
  • Look for the Automatic Renewal switch that’s green then tap on it. Immediately the switch changes to grey color to show that you’ve canceled the Hulu Account.

How to Delete Hulu Account on Roku

If charged for Hulu via Roku, then you can delete your Hulu subscription instantly on the Account page on

  • Using your email address and password, log in to your account page.
  • On your subscription section, tap on the Cancel button then follow all the displayed prompts to make a confirmation.
  • Immediately, you will get an email confirmation from Hulu. After you have canceled the subscription, you will keep on accessing the Hulu account for a reminder of the present Hulu billing cycle. From there, the Roku account will not exist on Hulu.

How to Delete Hulu Account on Spotify

Canceling the Hulu account linked to Spotify is simple. Just log in to your account then follow these steps.

Note: You can’t use a mobile app to finish this process.

  • Open the Spotify homepage.
  • Having opened the homepage, tap on profile then select the account.
  • Choose Manage Plan.
  • With that done, tap on change or cancel.
  • Tap remove Hulu.