The iCloud was a service announced by Apple in September of 2006 to allow people to have a central repo for all their stuff on their iDevices.

Delete iCloud Account without Password

If for some reason you have misplaced or forgot the password, it can be a big headache for finding a workaround to this problem. Luckily, we have listed the steps below.

  • This is possible with the help of third-party software such as ‘LockWiper’ and 4uKey as you can find online, which help remove the lock.
  • These are available for free and you can download them both on Mac and PC.
  • Some of this software has limitations like they are able to work only on iOS devices running 11.4 and above. That is, your iCloud account on iOS devices are only supported by some of these third-party lock remover software.
  • Once you download software, you can follow their guideline to wipe out an Apple ID and ‘Log-In’ with a fresh one instead.

Delete iCloud Account from PC

In many cases, you would like to remove an Apple device from iCloud or delete the account completely.

  • As of Apple, you have these (    options to choose from.
  • If you want to delete the iCloud from a Mac, then it is simple. Once you open iTunes and go to ‘Store–Account’, and ‘Log-In’, you can manage devices and remove them.
  • An iCloud account is associated with an iDevice, so removing the device means your iCloud account is removed.
  • If you want to use a Windows PC, then you have to use the first step using third-party software.

Delete iCloud Account on iPhone

In order to delete iCloud from an iOS device, you have to follow the below steps. This is the easiest of all and you can do that from your device.

  • For this, go to ‘Settings’ app in your iPhone or iPad, and then go to iCloud.
  • If you scroll down all the way below inside iCloud, you can find ‘Delete Account’ or ‘Sign-Out’.
  • Once you tap on it, it will again ask for confirmation and you can do so by tapping on ‘Delete’ or ‘Sign-Out’ again.
  • That is all and you have removed an unused account for good.


Juggling between more than one iCloud accounts is not recommended, and removing the one with an iDevice not being used is a good idea.

How do I permanently delete my iCloud account?

Click the words, Go to your Apple ID account page under Manage Account. Scroll down to the Data & Privacy section at the bottom, and click Manage Your Privacy. The bottom of the page is the option to Delete Your Account. Click Request to Delete Your Account.

How can I delete iCloud from my iPhone?

Open the Settings app and go to (Your Name), or “iCloud” Scroll down under all the settings to find “Delete Account” (or “Sign Out”) and tap on that. Confirm the removal of the iCloud account from the device by tapping on “Delete” or “Sign Out”

Does factory reset remove iCloud?

No, factory resetting your iPhone will not alter your iCloud. Upon setting up your iPhone again you will be given the option to reconnect to your iCloud account if you desire. iCloud also stores iPhone backups that you can restore your phone from. Erasing your iPhone has only effect on the device itself.

Can an iCloud lock be removed?

The password to the original owner’s iCloud can be entered to remove it, which a hacker could obtain via phishing. An Apple Store manager can override iCloud. Scammers can trick Apple Store managers into unlocking a device they don’t own.

How do I delete an iCloud account from my iPhone without a password?

You cannot sign out of or delete an account without knowing the password. That’s basic account security. So you will have to recover the account and reset the password first.

How do you reset an iPhone and delete iCloud?

Sign out of iCloud and the iTunes & App Store.
  1. If you’re using iOS 10.3 or later, tap Settings > [your name]. Scroll down and tap Sign Out.
  2. If you’re using iOS 10.2 or earlier, tap Settings > iCloud > Sign Out. Tap Sign Out again, then tap Delete from My [device] and enter your Apple ID password.

How do I clear my iPhone for trade in?

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  1. Open up Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap “General”
  3. Scroll down and select “Reset”
  4. Tap “Erase All Content and Settings”

How do you completely reset an iPhone?

To reset your iPhone, select Settings > General > Reset and click Erase All Content and Settings. Make sure you back up your iPhone first so you can restore your data later. In “Settings,” scroll down and tap “General.” At the bottom of the “General” page, tap “Reset.”

How can I unlock my iCloud account?

How do you bypass a disabled iCloud account?

Step 1: download the Apple Support app in App Store. Step 2: Launch the app, scroll down and tap Apple ID. Step 3: Tap “Forgot Apple ID Password”, then tap “Get Started”. After that, tap “A different Apple ID” and enter the Apple ID that you need to reset the password for.

How do I remove my Apple ID from a stolen iPhone?

How to remove a previous owner’s Apple ID from a used iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  1. Sign in to
  2. Go to Find My iPhone.
  3. Select “All Devices” to open a list of devices linked to their account, and select the device to be removed.
  4. Click “Remove from Account”

How do you reset an Iphone without the Apple ID password?

How do you unlock an iPhone without the iCloud password?

How can I erase my iPhone 7 without Apple ID password?