How do I permanently delete my Ingress account?

If we delete your profile, you will not be able to play Ingress anymore with this email address, and your codename may not be available to reuse. You also have the option to change your faction or your codename. Please contact us to delete your account. This will completely remove your account from our system.

How do I delete my Ingress app?

While I enjoyed it, I no longer have the time to play this game anymore. Application manager. Tap Ingress. Tap uninstall.

Can you change your Ingress name?

Can’t Change Your Ingress Agent Name (or Faction) Unlike most games, Ingress doesn’t let you just randomly change your in-game name. Your Agent name. You can’t change your faction either unless you have a good reason for doing so.

How do I change factions in Ingress?

There are two ways to change one’s faction:
  1. When an agent reaches Level 16 (40M AP), they can request Recursion, with the possibility to change factions.
  2. Agents can also request a Faction Change (FC) by email from Niantic; requests may not be approved if there is no sufficient justification.

How do I report a cheater in Ingress?

To report a player, contact support by tapping the button at the top-right corner of the screen, choose ‘Report Inappropriate Gameplay’, and follow the prompts to provide the necessary information regarding the report. Once the report is filed, you will receive an automated message confirming the receipt of the report.

What happens when you recurse in Ingress?

Recurse (Recursion) is a process where the Agent re-starts the game at Level 1 with 0 AP and can again choose the faction they will be part of (Faction Change).

How long does it take for a faction change?

Faction change should only take about 10-15 minutes tops.

What makes a good portal Ingress?

You should read both for full details, but in summary, all valid portals must be at least one of the following: A location with historical significance, educational value, or a cool story. A cool piece of art or unique architecture. A hidden gem or hyper-local spot.

How long do faction changes take Shadowlands?

It can take up to 72 hours, depending on bank processing times. Make sure you check your order history to ensure it went through successfully and it says complete. Also, logout of the the game and restart the Blizzard Desktop App.

What do I lose if I faction change?

Any quests in progress will be abandoned when you change factions. In addition, faction-specific quests and achievements won’t be converted to their counterpart in the new faction. As a result, you will need to complete the War Campaign on your new faction, even if you already completed the opposite faction campaign.

How much does it cost to change factions in WoW?

Changing a character’s faction costs $30. Transferring a character to a different server costs $25.

Does reputation transfer with faction change?

Reputations. When a character changes factions, their home city reputation level translates into the same level of the home city of their new opposite faction race. However, they will be restored at their previous levels if the character ever transfers back to their original faction.

Can you change race in WOW Classic?

World of Warcraft Classic characters are not eligible for Race Change. Recently boosted characters must wait 72 hours before they can attempt any character services.

Can you switch factions in wow?

The Faction Change service allows you to change a single character’s faction. Completing a faction change will prevent you from changing the character’s faction, race, or realm again for 72 hours. Note: World of Warcraft Classic and Burning Crusade Classic characters are not eligible for Faction Change.

Can Pandaren Change faction?

You cant simply change factions as pandaren, you’ve to first race change and only then you’re able to faction change.

Can you race change to vulpera?

Make sure to hop on your 120 first and unlock the Vulpera. There will be a questline to do, assuming you’ve already completed the other criteria to earn them. Once you actually unlock them and get the rewards and achievement, then you can go race change a character to Vulpera.

Will WoW classic release TBC?

Will there be faction change in TBC Classic?

WoW Classic TBC will be divided into 5 phases, each dividing the game’s content to be released over time. Blizzard have yet to give definitive start and end dates for the TBC phase schedule – but we’ve broken down our expectations based on WoW Classic below: Phase 1: Now – June 1st – August 14th.